Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bedroom Redo ~ Need Your Opinion

I wonder who else out there gets the notion to redecorate or redo rooms in your house during deployment?  I have a couple things in mind that I wanted to do during this deployment and one of them was our master bedroom.  There was nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a change.  I've had the same red/gold bedding for nearly 5 years in there and I just wanted to do something different.  I have been looking for over a year now and nothing has really stood out to me.  I would find myself at looking at sets that were white, but I knew there was no way I would use white (until the kids were grown and off to college,ha) I have come across many things that I liked but was afraid I would get bored with them after a few months.  So I have just kept looking hoping something would stand out.

Then out of the blue I got a suprise pkg from Jason and it was a beautiful throw with 2 shams.  I knew I had to use it somehow, so I set out to find the perfect spread and accessories for it.  Last week I was able to get a couple hours of shopping in with a wonderful friend and we came across a duvet cover and several pillows that we thought would work.  So I brought them home and put it all together.  I can not decide which way I like the best so I posted pictures and I am asking for your help in deciding which way to arrange the pillows.

See the pictures below and let me know what you think (please)  (=

The bedroom BEFORE:

another view of BEFORE:

And the AFTERS:
I put the duvet cover over the existing spread. I put the shams that came with the cover behind the shams that Jason sent and put the throw at the end of the bed. 

So here is PICTURE 1:  Just standard shams that came with the duvet (in the back) and the shams that came with the throw (in front) on the bedding:

close up of the throw:

PICTURE 2:  standard shams with a light blue throw pillow

PICTURE 3: standard shams with gold pillow

PICTURE 4: standard shams with one gold pillow and blue pillow

PICTURE 5: all the pillows

Next I am considering painting...maybe...but it would have to be after baseball season is over.  Then I would have to think about a color (maybe the light blue/grey in the throw)  And I need to come up with a window treatment...its so boring right now. 

So which way do you like best???  PICTURE 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5



Holly said...

I like picture 5.....looks comfy with all those pillows!!! I'm not a decorator myself, but I would probably do something soft/solid for the window treatments because the print in the bedding has a pattern. But like I said, I'm certainly not an expert in design....I'm not brave enough to post pics of my house! HA HA...but new bedding in the master has been on my list for over a year! I have a red/gold comforter, too, and I just need something new.
Looks good!

Nancy said...

I vote for #5!
I'm a "lots of pillows" kind of girl :)
How precious that you are using what your man sent you & I think it is beautiful!!

Jenifer said...

I like number 5!! The more pillows the better! What an awesome thoughtful gift from Jason. A neat reminder of him too until he returns home. Can't wait to see it all finished! I have been wanting to paint in my bedroom for I need to send Bryan on a deployment to get it done? Just kidding!

Crystal said...

5! i also like the idea of the the light gray color for the walls.

Michelle said...

I like 5, but Im a big pillow person.
Hi! Im a new follower, following you via military monday.
If youd like to follow me back I can be found at:

I look forward to reading about you adn your adventures through your blog.

P.S. One deployment I painted my hall way red. BIG mistake =)


Jami said...

Definitely 5....looks great! Call me when you paint...I'd love to help!

Briana said...

#5 and I love the idea of Gray walls... Mom and I were just talking about that the other day... A gray with a bit of a blue tint will be perfect accent... And possibly dark blue window treatments to bring out the dark color...

Mahala said...

Just beautiful. I couldn't choose. All I knew was that #2 was my least favorite. But seeing all the comments looks like I need to go with #5 as well! Also, I saw on HGTV that gray is a good wall color. It would have to be just the right shade of gray not to be too drab, but it would definitely look good with that beautiful throw and shams.

The Cibulas said...

I like 5...I love pillows...the more the better!

BTW, so excited to have found your blog! I am addicted to Blogs, so I can't wait to follow you and your family. Your family is beautiful! Check us out too...

Danie Nicole said...

I'm already out voted but I liked #2 the best. All of them were beautiful though!

Shelly said...

Well, it seems like 5 was the winner with most people. I really like all of the photos. I think the bedding came together GREAT! I also love your idea for paint colors too, that sounds like a great color for it.
Want to come decorate my bedroom next? ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I think it looks great Jessica! The bedding and all the pillows are gorgeous! I love, love lots of pillows!!! :)

Jessica said...

Thank you everyone for your feedback =)

I decided to go with #5 (all the pillows) I like lots of pillows

I will keep everyone updated on the paint color.