Sunday, March 20, 2011

T-ball Practice

The team Jack plays on had practice on the brand new ball fields and he was soooo excited!  I made the videos below of Jack taking his turn at batting.  The players will get 3 tries to hit the ball off the catapult, then the tee will be brought out for them to hit.  I was so proud of my Jack hitting all 3 balls that were pitched to him. (sorry, mommy-braggin moment)

This is Jack's 2nd year to play t-ball and he has improved so much since last year.  It really amazes me how much (Of course he did watch the bugs fly around him and he did need his name called a couple times to bring him back to attention, but hey its t-ball)  I am so excited to watch him play this season and watch how much he is going to improve. 

So without further a-do, below are 3 videos of Jack's 3 hits.  I made these so his daddy can see how great he is doing...I wish so much his daddy could be here, I know that J and Jack wish that too)



Ebony S said...

Mommy bragging moments are so important, especially when your kids can overhear you, or read about it. I love reading about those kinds of moments :D

Nancy said...

Way to go, Jackson!!
We need to come on a Saturday game, does he play on the weekends?

My tax guy forgot our appt, so I went back to my parents & a while later he called me, so that messed my plans for calling you up. Kenlee had a meltdown after she saw me & I had to take her with me to get our taxes done :) So we left Logan there to spend the night without his little sister! HA! He thanked me!!
I want to see you FOR SURE next time!