Friday, March 4, 2011

Week In Review

We have had quite the BUSY week...busy being the understatement of the century.  But busy is good...busy makes the time go fast and for that I am not complaining.  So here is our week in review:

It is feeling and looking like spring in our area more and more each day (complete with weather in the 70s and flowers blooming...simply beautiful)  With spring weather comes spring season.  Jack loves playing baseball and has looked forward to the season starting since the season ended last year.  I love that he loves it so much.  I am so glad that he has something that interests him and that he enjoys.
This week Jack started practicing.  Each morning this week he has awakened chipper and ready for the day (where he is usually sluggish and quiet)  In the afternoon when he gets home from school, he is ready to do homework immediately when he walks in the door.  We have enough time to get homework finished, change clothes and head out the door to practice.  Below are some pictures from a couple practices this week.

It's been a great first week of practice and I look forward to watching all the children on the team learn the game.  Can't wait till games!

This week at Jack's school, they have been participating in Read Across America activities.  Each day of the week had a different theme for the children to dress as and the children were encouraged to read for a certain amount of time each night for a chance to toilet paper their teacher. (of course Jackson wanted to read books so he could do that)  (=
As soon as we got the paper for the daily themes, I (with a lot of assistance from my mother in law) got to planning what Jack would wear.  At the beginning of the week, Jack was so excited to dress up and participate .
Day 1: Grinchy Green Day (wear camo or anything green)  I knew exactly what he needed to wear that day.
Day 2: Hats Off to Dr. Suess (wear a dr. suess hat or hat of any kind)  Thankfully my mil had a Dr. Suess hat and Jack wanted to wear it.
When Jack came home from school this day, he made the comment he did not have to dress up, it was not required.  I was getting the feeling he did not really want to dress up, so I gave him the option and he chose to go ahead and dress up the next day.

Day 3: Wild West for Wacky Wednesday (wear anything cowboy or western)  luckily we had these items already
This day, Jack came home from school and said that kids were not dressing up for the themes and he no longer felt like it was "cool"  (can you hear the thoughts in my head???? cool??? are you kidding me, your in kindergarten, this should be so exciting)  But I kept that to myself and let him choose whether or not to dress up the next day, he chose not to (much to my disappointment)

Day 4: Book Character Day (dress like your favorite book character)  No picture...No dress up

Enter Day 5:  Vocabulary Day (dress up like a word)  I thought on this for a while...had no creative ideas. Luckily, my mil came up with a word and great idea on how to dress up for it. 
Jack dressed as the word "Organize"  We used J's fishing vest because it has a lot of pockets and Jack labeled cards which I pinned to the vest.
I thought it was perfect.  Jack was not really excited to dress up, but agreed to do it since so much work had been put into it.  As I dropped him off at school this morning, he commented as other students got out of their cars "see mommy, they are not dressed's not cool"  I told him that this was supposed to be fun and encouraged him to enjoy his day.  Out of the car he went and off into the school building.  I felt like a proud mommy.  A moment of "yea, I got this single parent thing...I can take care of 2 kids, all their homework, shuffle them to all dance and sports practices, and still participate in the theme week at school all while the hubby is in Afghanistan...yea, I got this"  
So the day ends, I get Jack from school.  He looks happy, vest is still on and fully in tact...again, I'm thinking, "yea, we did it"  So I talk to Jack while I drive and ask him the usual how was your day questions...then I ask him about his vest and what others wore.
Here is a snippit of the conversation:
Me:  "Jack, what did your classmates wear?"
Jack: "Mommy, only like 3 people dressed up"
Me: "Oh, well thats too bad"  "Did anyone say anything about yours?"
Jack: "Um, no not really"
Me: "oh, ok...well, what about your teacher, did she say anything?"
Jack: "uh no"
Me: starting to get confused by his remarks "Jack, no one said anything?"
Jack: "Um mommy, I need to tell you something"
Me: "Yes, buddy"
Jack: "Mommy, I took my vest off when I got in class and left it in my cubby till time to leave"
Me: laughing uncontrollably at how my 6 yr old just had the upper hand and pulled an "I'll show you I don't think this is cool"

He is so his father's child.

This week was also a big week for Madeline.  She was the "Super Kid" at school.  The Super Kid gets to bring their favorite book to read, their favorite snack to share and pictures to put up on the classroom board.
Here is Madeline ready to head to school with her favorite book, Olivia, and her favorite snacks, Dora.

Here is Madeline posing with her picture board.
Close up of the pictures Madeline chose to share on the classroom board.  My favorite picture is her muddy face picture (=

In addition to all this I had to keep up my regular zumba exercising. (Can't wait to share my results from that with you)  And today, I got to go shopping with a wonderful friend and found some new bedding for our bedroom (can't wait to show the make over)

So, like I said, busy week...and it will be followed up with a pretty busy weekend.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Shelly said...

Wow, you definitely are staying busy. The kids seem to be doing really well. I bet my son would love if they had a Super Kid award at his school. He'd definitely bring his Scooby Doo book in, I'm sure.

I cannot wait to read your upcoming posts about zumba and your bedding.
Have a fun weekend!

Cat said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! It looks like you are staying busy and had a great week!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You did have a very busy week, and i thought mine was busy (not as much as yours)!!! Your children are absolutely precious! I also look forward to baseball season! It is crazy when it starts but i love it! Loved your post!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

I cannot wait until my son is older so he can play baseball! I'm your newest follower from Military Monday blog hop!