Friday, January 6, 2012

Do you see?

Do you see someone's name in the picture below???

That would be my hero's name!  Jason Crow!

A local tv station is doing a segment the month of January were they honor soldiers returning from deployment.  The soldier's rank and name run across the bottom of the screen during the entire newscast.  My friend let me know this morning that Jason's name was on so I had to stop packing lunches and making breakfasts and getting kids ready for school to watch for Jason's name to scroll across the screen again.  I waited with iphone camera in hand ready to take the picture...and it came across again yay!  J got to see it and I snapped the picture.  He must think I am silly, but I can not help but be proud of my soldier for completing his 3rd deployment! :)

I love to see local businesses and people supporting our troops! 
Have a great day everyone!


Natasha said...

That is so cool!

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

Of course you stopped making lunches to snap that shot!! I would have also! Tell him we are proud also!! Very cool!!

Our Little Fam said...

How awesome!

Natalie said...

I am a FINALIST in the CEA "Best Shots Ever" Photo Contest! Please vote for my picture of the wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery! I'm currently in second place behind a dog! The winner will be on display at CES in Vegas tomorrow and it would be a wonderful tribute to the troops! Thank youuuuuu!!! :)