Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know What I Love...

Know what I love????

I love watching Jack playing with Gunner.  He loves to "teach" him new tricks...Gunner loves it too because he gets treats.

I love watching Madeline play with Gunner.  He is so much patience with her.  She thinks he is her personal baby doll...just look at the way she carries him.  Gunner lets her and he just has this look of "how much longer do I have to deal with her?" 

I love Gunner's new collar and leash.  J brought them home for Gunner...of course hunting orange right? 

I love warm afternoons in January...its seriously in the 70s here.  We are having so much fun in the backyard swinging, playing with the pup, playing basketball ....

and of course a little family game of tag football :)   I also love that J is home with us so he can do these things...gah he has missed out on so much.  We have lots of family time to catch up on.  :)

I love when Jack smiles and he is missing his 2 front teeth...of how cute is that???

I love that I am able to stay at home with the kids so that I can go on field trips with them.  Madi's school recently went to the museum...we had so much fun! 

I love my husband for so many reasons...I love that he understands how important it is to me to lead a bible study so he volunteers to not only keep our children, but also children of other ladies in the study. 

I love riding with my windows down in this great weather we are having.

I love that I got a card in the mail today from a friend I have not heard from in a while...there is just something about hand written letters ;)

I love that we are taking the kids to Disney soon. :)

I love that my mom is moving closer to us.

I love getting a milkshake after a tough zumba class...yes I did that...yes it was good...yes I know I defeated the purpose of the workout

I love hearing the sound of the garage door open at the end of the work day. 

I love when J walks in the door he goes straight to the puppy and starts talking this baby talk stuff to him...he cracks me up. 

So what are some things you are loving right now???



Our Little Fam said...

love the picture of Madeline with Gunner, haha too cute!

Julie Danielle said...

Oh so cool you are going to Disney! Which one? Your kids are so cute with the dog. We might be getting one this next summer or fall. Have to see.

Nancy said...

I love that you 4 are together!!
I love that we are having a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I love that even though it's cool outside, the sun is shining!!!

XOXO ~ Nancy

Kayla Sue said...

Your puppy is TOO cute! Looks like lots of fun!