Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Am So Proud

I am one proud mommy.

Today was Awards Day at Jack's school.  J and I knew Jack was going to get a certificate, but we did not know he was going to get an award!

All the children in 1st grade were presented a certificate.  After the certificates were presented, the Principal announced that some students had been selected to receive the Principal's Award.  To our surprise, Jack's name was called for the Principal's Award!  YAY!  Like I said, I am one proud mommy.  I already know my Jack is a great young man, but it sure is nice to see it recognized by his school.  :)

Here are some pictures:

Jack receiving a certificate from the principal:

Getting the Principal's Award pinned on:

So proud of this young man:

Madeline, daddy,and Jack:

Madeline, me and Jack (of course the kids are looking right at the camera and I am the one looking off, ha!)



Jenifer said...

Way to go Jackson!!!

Nancy said...

Congrats to Jackson! He is so handsome & smart!

Our Little Fam said...

Way to go Jack!!