Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catching Up With A Special Friend

Today I had lunch with one of the most special friends in my life, Nancy. I grew up right up the road from Nancy. I have so many memories of us spending time at each others houses (probably more at her house than mine b/c of my pesky little brother not leaving us alone HA!) I remember we tried to start a jewelry business one summer during middle made with rhinestones and a hot glue gun...enough said huh? Do you remember that Nancy? We remained friends on through high school on danceline together and even kept in touch after high school. Before Nancy moved, we had weekly lunch dates at our favorite Mexican restaurant...I am not sure how much food we ate, but I know we talked and laughed a lot =). Then Nancy and her family moved and we have stayed in touch through email and blogs. Well today...after way too long...we finally got to have some time together. As soon as Nancy walked in I had tears! I am sure that all the people around us thought I was nuts, but I just could not help it! She is such a special friend and means sooo much to me! We had such a great time and picked up just like we always did. I am so thankful for her friendship! I am so glad that we decided to make this a monthly event =)

Nancy was so sweet to bring me a happy! Look at how cute this happy was packaged!

And here is my happy! An adorable platter with my initial on adorable is this??? I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much Nancy!

I had the most wonderful time today and can not wait for our date next month!

I know that it is Saturday, and I usually post tailgating recipes, but I did not cook today...nope...I had a tastefully simple party this morning, lunch with Nancy, and then my sweet in laws invited us over for guess what we did...we went for chili =) Hope everyone has had a wonderful football Saturday! WAR EAGLE!



Nancy said...

You are a ONE OF A KIND friend. I'm so thankful for our time together!!!
Looking forward to next month & many to come!!
Love you!!!

Aimee said...

I had tears just reading this!!!

So glad you got some time away with Nancy!

And I LOVE that platter!! That was so sweet of her!!!!

Crystal said...

What a sweet post!

These kind of friendships are hard to come by! You are blessed!