Sunday, November 22, 2009


Madeline at about 1 month

Madeline ~ 1 yr old

Madeline ~ 2 yrs old

Madeline ~ 3 yrs old

My little girl turned 3 today! I can not believe she is already 3! Seriously, I can't...
Some things about Madeline:
- She can and MUST do everything by herself
- She must completely undress the minute she walks in the door...I don't understand it, but she has to do it
- She loves to play dress up
- She loves to play with her baby dolls (feeding them, bathing them, putting them to sleep...she is such a good mommy to them)
- She loves to walk around the house in her "tap-it" shoes with no clothes on ("tap-it" shoes are dress up high heels)
- She loves to watch me put on make-up and must put some on too ;)
- She is a girly - girl, but do not mess with her or her toys OR ELSE the girly - girl will get you 8)
- She loves food and would eat all day if I let her (she is just like me!)
- Her fave foods are raw veggies and salad, chicken nuggets, french fries, and pizza...her top pick would be salad though
- She loves to be read too
- She dislikes A LOT having her hair washed or brushed

The above is not a comphrensive in-depth list, but it is just some of the things that really stick out to me about our little girl =)

Happy Birthday to our little sweetheart!


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Nancy said...

All of those pictures of her are precious...but the last one is TOO cute. :)
Hope your day was fun!!