Monday, November 9, 2009

"It Stinks!"

Jack with his catch.

Madeline with her catch.

Ready for a good laugh??? Well I have one for you...

Over the weekend, Jason took the kids fishing. He always gets a bucket of minnows to use as bait. Our sweet darling Madeline feels it is her job to "rescue" the minnows from being used as bait. Usually she just releases them into the water...but not this time...below is a conversation between Jack, Madi and myself...through this conversation you will discover where the minnows are =)

Getting into the car this morning to take Jack to school, we all notice a strange, icky smell.
Jack says: "it stinks in here and is making my tummy hurt"

Madi : "it stinks mommy"

Jack: "What is that smell mommy?"

Me: "I have no idea but it is really bad!"

Madi: "it's my fish's

Me: "your what?!?"

Madi: "my fish mommy...I hid them in the car"

Me: "Madi, where did you put the fish?"

Madi: "In the car mommy"

Me: get a little excited now "Where in the car Madeline?"

Madi: "I don't know mommy, I forgot"

I would like to tell you that I have found the minnows, but I have not....nope...took everything out of the car and checked every nook and cranny but still no minnows. The stink is still there. Jason assures me he will check it out tonight when he gets home...until then the car is sitting outside with the windows down. Anyone have any tips on how to get the stench out of the car?



Nancy said...

That is so funny!
You must let us know where she hid them!!
They look cute fishing :)

Tamara said...

LOL That is priceless!!!!!!!! LOL

Can't wait to here the rest of this story! Hope you find Madi's fishes!