Thursday, November 5, 2009

Picnic At The Park

This week we are having the most amazing weather! The kids and I enjoying soaking up every bit of sunshine and warmth that we possibly can. I thought a perfect way to do that was to have a picnic at the park with some of our friends. I picked Jack up at school and suprised him with the news that we were going on a picnic with our friends. He was soooooo excited! Below are some of the pictures from our picnic.

Jack and Madeline enjoying their happy meals =) Even I got a happy meal to share in the fun ;)

Jack and his friend Chloe

The kids playing on the playground.

Madi, Chloe, Samuel, and Jack I just happened to look over at them and see them all lined up along the fence and grabbed a quick picture =) Sadie (Samuel's little sissy) and Claire (Chloe's little sis) were with us too, but they were swinging in the baby swings during this time.

Madeline and Chloe building a "princess castle" in the rocks...I mean with all the things to play on the park, these 2 are playing in the rocks =) Oh and check out Madeline's feet...yep, no shoes...because you can build so much better without shoes. HA!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!


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Nancy said...

So cute! Looks like fun & it was a beautiful day!