Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

We had SO MUCH FUN! on Halloween! We started the evening off with a little party with some of our neighbors and friends. It was fun getting to spend some time with them and the kids loved having friends over =) After we filled our bellies we went out trick or treating to a neighborhood just down the road from us. This neighborhood goes ALL OUT! The kids loved it! It was so cute watching them run up and ring the door bells and say "trick or treat" I am so glad that they remembered to say "thank you" after they got their candy. Below are A LOT of pictures...

Our table of goodies set up and ready for the party. We had hot dogs and chips, monster eyeballs, bloody punch, a graveyard, spooky cupcakes, and ghosts.

Madeline my sweet lil clown...we love our costume Mrs. Holly and we love our hairbows Mrs. Trina!

My super muscular Spiderman, Jack

our friend Jacob, the ninja

our friend Ethan going as himself because he did not want to dress up =)

Our friend Wesley, Darth Vader

Spiderman, Darth Vader, Clown, Ninja, and a Kitty cat are all ready to take part in some trick or treating fun!

Spiderman (with muscles) aka Jack, and a clown aka Madi...why o why can I not get both of them looking at the camera at the same time???

I love my spiderman and clown!

The kids trick or treating...I think this was the house that Madeline tried to go into after she got her treats...thank goodness Jason ran in after her before she got too far.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! It makes me smile to see Jason walking with both of the kids on Halloween! So thankful that he is with us this year...we sure did miss him last year!

I thought this was cute and festive.

Getting treats =)

Spiderman, Clown, and Kitty cat having fun trick or treating

Madeline trying to figure out in the world she is going to get on daddy's shoulders too. 8)

My friend Kerri...I was so glad that she and her family were able to join us for some trick or treating fun!

Jason and I having fun taking the kids trick or treating.

"I can't see, I can't see" hahaha...Jason giving Madi a ride cause she was tired

Madi back in the car, ready to go home and see what treats she got =)

Jack is very ready to get home and eat some candy!

All smiles after a fun night trick or treating and lots of candy!

Hope everyone had fun trick or treating! We sure did!!! Now I just have to figure out how in the world to get rid of all this candy so I do not eat it!



Jenifer said...

Amen about the candy! I've already been digging in! Glad you guys had a blast on Halloween!

Nancy said...

So the costumes!