Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update and Angela's Baby Shower

I am so behind in reading blogs and updating my own blog. But I do have a good excuse. ;)
My hubby and brother completed their deployment training and came home over the weekend. They will be here for a very short while before heading to the mob. station. I am just trying to spend as much time with the both of them as I can. I am so thankful that we have this time (though I am not looking forward to the good-byes again) I am also very thankful that my brother is staying here with us during this time. The kids are loving it! I will try my best to catch up on your blogs and will try to update a little more often on my own blog, but right now my priority is with my family which I am sure you can all understand. =)

A couple weekends ago, I along with some other Mil-spouses, hosted a baby shower for a fellow mil-spouse, Angela. Angela and Paul (who is in the same unit as my hubby and brother) are expecting their 1st child in November. Below are some pictures from the shower:

We set the food up in the dining room. We served veggie tray with veggie dip, assorted fruit with fruit dip, chocolate chip cheese ball, chicken cheese ball, and cake. You can link over to my RECIPE BLOG for all the recipes.

Another view of some of the decorations. (most of the decor I was able to snag out of Madi's room)

Yummy cake made by Wendy H. (another mil-spouse)

I set the drinks up in the kitchen. We served White Grape Juice punch and water.

I found this adorable little carriage at Ross. It was brown, but with a little white spray paint it was quickly transformed into this ;)

Mantle decorations

Kim and I made these wall hangings for Angela to hang in the baby's room. (I will do a blog on how we made them)

Angela and me

All little girls must have a tutu. =)

And a bag with her name on it.

Another pretty name wall hanging.

BEAUTIFUL dedication gown that Angela's grandmother made.

Framed maternity photo that Angela's brother took.

Angela got a lot of books to read to Ava.

Travel system

We had a great time at the baby shower. It was so sweet listening to all the oooh's and aaah's as Angela opened all her sweet baby presents. There was a lot of parenting advise shared (most of it was pretty funny) and of course a few tears were shared. I think Angela is all set now it's just wait till Ava decides to join the world.

I will post about how Kim and I made some of the decorations. Be sure to check out the recipe blog if you would like to try the recipes.



Miss E said...

Aw she came out really well after the baby shower! It looked absolutely beautiful, I am sure she loved all of it

Nancy said...

You are such a GREAT friend to EVERYONE, Jessica! What a beautiful shower!~
I am so happy you are spending some good family time together. I'm thinking of you & everyone under your roof & praying every day!!!

Kayla Sue said...

This shower is way to cute!!! Wonderful job!

Kathryn said...

Love the shower pics, looks like it was super cute! Cool idea about the little baby carriage, Ross has the best stuff!! :)

"this is a great post Kathryn!
thank you for being so open and honest...it is so sad that we as mothers put so much pressure on ourselves. You are doing what is best for your family and really that is all that matters. We each have a different journey and we should encourage each other on our journeys, not judge"

So true, thank you so much for commenting! :)