Monday, April 18, 2011

A Class Project

A few weeks ago, Jackson's teacher contacted me about doing a class craft project that they could send to J.  She pointed how how great it would be for the class to know a little about where Jackson's daddy is and what he is doing, it would let Jackson know that others are thankful for his daddy, and it would bring a smile to Jason's face (I mean how could it not??? Cute crafts from kindergarteners...yea, who wouldn't be able to smile at that???)

Of course when Abbie (Jackson's teacher) contacted me about this, I was moved to tears. (Which if you know me, you know that does not take much)  Sometimes it can be discouraging to be a military family not located near a it is so awesome to know that others think about what we are going through and want to help it through cards, emails, class craft projects sent to J, or like tonight when a homecooked meal has been delivered to us...I am so thankful for all of it.

So, Abbie invited Madeline and me to come to class one afternoon and help the class make a project for Jason.  I have waited till now to share this because I wanted Jason to get the package  and not read it on here first (just on the off chance that he has time to read the blog)  It was so wonderful to watch the kids participate in making things for Jason and to answer their questions.  The class also made a card for Jason in which the children asked Jason a variety of great questions.  Their questions were precious. 

Jason let me know that he received the package and loved it!  The package included the crafts, the card, and some pictures I took of the class.  He really enjoyed the card and has already wrote a letter back to the class answering all their questions.  I can not wait for them to get the letter! (hopefully the mail system will cooperate and it will arrive before the end of is taking nearly a month to get letters now so hopefully it will get there)

Below are a few of the pictures I captured of our afternoon spent in Jackson's class:
 Jackson's class...are they not adorable!  Jackson's teacher is the greatest!  I wish I could convince her to move up each year with Jackson ;)

Madeline working hard on her craft.  She had the best time going to Jackson's class!  She was so excited about it that I even had to paint her toenails because as she said, "it was a special day", ha!

 Jackson working hard on his craft.  I know he loved being able to do something for his daddy!

Lil Miss is all smiles!!

Jackson working hard on his project.

Here is a picture of the questions the class asked and Abbie wrote in the card to Jason.  Each child signed their name to the card.  How cute are those questions?!?

At the post office ready to mail the care package...they were soooo excited!!



The Allen Family said...

that is precious... everything about it. miss abbie sounds like a wonderful teacher- how thoughtful and creative she must be!!! love the questions and how excited the kids must be to get a letter back from jason!

rovingrose said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's so nice to see a military member get a thank you from their community. I was touched that the teacher was so thoughtful. What a special memory!

rovingrose said...

This post really touched me. What a special memory you all were able to create and what a great teacher! Thank you for sharing this.

Crystal said...

this is great!!! so educational for the children!

Nancy said...

She is a wonderful teacher!!
Those are things your family can treasure forever!! I love it!

Happy Easter, sweet friend!