Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What It Means

The month of April is "Month of the Military Child"
In honor of it being the "month of the military child", I decided to do a little interview with the kids and asked them what it means to be a military child.

Here's their responses:

Madeline - 4 years old

Me:  Madeline, what does it mean to have a daddy in the army? 
Madeline:  um, um, Afghanistan
Me: yes, that's where daddy is
Me: What else does it mean to you?
Madeline:  He protects our country and our people

and that was the end of the interview...she wanted a snack and there was no distracting her, ha

Jackson - 6 years old
Me:  Jackson, what does it mean to you have a daddy in the army?
Jackson: It means that I need to be good because daddy told me to behave while he was gone
Me: Yes, it helps mommy a lot when you obey
Me:  What else does it mean?
Jackson: Daddy also said to take care of mommy and sister while he is gone
Me: And your doing a great job at that buddy
Me: Does it mean anything else to you?
Jackson: It means that I miss him a lot and that when he is gone I wish he would come home.

Oh how I wish daddy could come home....

I think I will treat them to a milkshake today....I know they will like that! ;)

Below are some pictures of the kids a few days ago when we received J's footlocker.  The kids were so excited thinking that they received a great big box of goodies from daddy...they were disappointed it was only some of daddy's cold weather gear, ha!  Oh well, they had fun playing dress up in daddy's gear.



janet said...

you are an absolutely precious and creative mommy....they will appreciate you for that when they grow up nanaj

Nancy said...

They are PRECIOUS.
I can't wait for you 4 to be together again!!

Jhona O. said...

Loved this. I agree with Janet, you are an "absolutely precious and creative Mommy". Also with Nancy, what a beautiful day it will be when the four of you can be together again. Have a blessed day!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Such cute interviews! I love asking my kids questions like that. You never know what's gonna come out of their mouths. :) Cute pics!

Christina said...

Great interviews. I love it that they got a box of cold weather gear. AT least that is something of their dads so that's pretty cool.