Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Day

This weekend was "Opening Day" for the baseball league that Jack plays in.  The rain finally held off and it was the perfect sunny day for playing t-ball!  (I have the tan lines to prove it,ha!) 

Jack's team did great and they won the game!  YAY!  I was very proud of them.  Due to all the rain, we have not had practice in nearly 2 weeks so I was very impressed with how well they did.

Below are some pictures and a few videos I made so that daddy could see his little buddy in action. 

Jack before the game:

Sweet brother and sister:

Madeline having a little meltdown (all because we would not let her play with a huge stick...I know what a mean mommy)

The 3 of us...Madeline still a little upset, but Jack and I just ignore and smile away ;)

Jack and mommy:

The team takes the field.  Jack is playing 3rd base.  He made an out during the game (he said he got one of his classmates out)

In position ready to stop the ball and get those runners coming to 3rd base.

Up to bat and ready to hit the ball off the catapult.  Jack did hit a few off the catapult, but they were foul balls.  He hit really great off the tee though.

Jack on the base and ready to run:

Game over!  We won!  Time to go shake hands with the other team.

This first video is from before the game.  The coach announced the players.

This video is Jack's first time up to bat. 

This was Jack's second time up to bat.  He brought a runner in and then the game was called.  We won!

I am loving this time of the year!  T-ball is so much fun to watch!! 
If life was not busy enough already though, its really about to be busy...if my posts seem to be few and far between, please bare with's cause I'm at my other home, the ball field.  =)

Hope that everyone has had a GREAT weekend!  I'm off to nurse a sunburn and kids with allergies.


Nancy said...

I saw a little meltdown like that from Kenlee yesterday :) HA!
Jackson looks so cool in his uniform. Way to go Jackson, for your win!!

Christina said...

I love your pics and your cute clips. It seems like Jackson will be quite the baseball player and it's great that he looked like he was having so much fun.

Funny that you are a mean mommy for the stick incident. I have been accused of the same things.

It was also great that the day was sunny and not rainy...and they won! It doesn't get much better then that.

Congratulations to Jackson.

Photina said...

He looks adorable in his uniform. Neat that they put their names on the back of the shirts now. It looks like he had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Jack looks like a little pro in his uniform. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Love this post Jessica! We will be living the same life as you, at the ballfields! Great pics of all of you and your 3rd baseman Jack is so handsome!

maren said...

Nice to meet you! I'm over from UBP! Cute kids, and fun pics! Would love for you to stop over to my party, too! I'm having my first ever giveaway! :) maren