Monday, January 18, 2010

Afternoon Fun

Don't you just love when you have absolutely nothing planned and can just enjoy the afternoon??? Well, that is exactly what we laundry to wash, no floors to clean, no beds to make...etc, etc, etc...just enjoying time with 3 of my most favorite people. It was great...great to relax, great to take a long walk, great to laugh at Jason try to ride a riprider, and great to watch the kids eat an ice cream sandwich (yea...none for me...not part of the diet plan for me)

Madeline finished her ice cream sandwich in record time.

Jack enjoyed eating an ice cream sandwich.

Below is a video of Jason riding Jack's riprider...yes, that is a 30-something year old man riding a 5 year olds toy...quite funny! Enjoy the video =)



Nancy said...

Isn't that thing hilarious? We take turns on it, too!!
So glad you had a relaxing afternoon to have fun together!

Crystal said...

Looks like fun! And about the diet comment.. me too! It's so hard!! I want FOOD! :)