Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something That Makes Me Smile

So do you like this little girl's style???
Madeline insists on dressing herself...not only dressing herself, but also picking out the clothes with which she will be wearing.
So today she chose:
~silky flower pajama bottoms
~blue shirt with cherries on it (Notice the shirt is on backwards)
~bright purple princess socks (Notice that one sock is inside out)

So what do you think I did??? I let her go about her day just like this...=)
I think she did great! And I smile just as big as she is smiling in this picture every single time I look at her. =)



KristinRanae said...

She is so very precious! Kamryn likes to dress herself too:) I love this age!!!!

Jenifer said...

Too cute! Sounds just like Ellie! This morning she was so proud that she had on striped pants, a striped shirt AND striped underwear...none of which matched. She thought they did though because they were all stripes! Ha!

Nancy said...

That should make you smile because she's too cute!!

Danie Nicole said...

My mom loves to tell people that I did exactly the same thing at that age but she likes to tell because my sister used to get so upset with my crazy outfits. My mommy new that my pride in myself was more important that whether my outfit matched.