Friday, January 8, 2010

Having Fun In The "SNOW"

It is not often that we get snow in the south. One mention of the "s" word and you can bet that there is no bread or milk at the store, the tv stations have live coverage of the weather and schools start closing. No, I am not kidding. Schools in our area were closed Thursday and Friday! And you can see by the pictures we did not have hardly any snow at all. We have enjoyed the time out of school and playing outside in the "snow" The closings had good timing though...everyone was off to celebrate the big Alabama BCS National Championship Victory! Jason says "Roll Tide!!!"

Enjoy the pics:

Jack and Madi all bundled up and ready to play in the "snow"

Icicles hanging off my car.

Jack with his ice

Madeline with her ice

The kids knocking the ice off my car.

Playing in the backyard...slide was pretty much only place that had "snow" on it

Jack trying to gather up snow on the deck so he could make a snowball.

Madeline tried to get enough snow too.

A warm 15 degrees, perfect weather for a nice drive in the convertible

Now I am off to warm up =)


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Nancy said...

Can I borrow that red car this summer?
BRRRRRR! It's cold outside! Will your hubby be hunting this weekend?! Mine will!