Friday, January 29, 2010

The Circus

The circus came to our area...and...we took the kids! They were soooo excited, even though Madeline said she would rather go see the Monster Trucks. =)
The kids really enjoyed the show and said their favorite part was the tigers. I must say that was pretty neat.

Below are some pictures of our adventure to the circus...(prepare for picture overload)



Jason and the kids

The kids and I waiting on the show to start.

Madeline with her Princess light up wand...yes we bought the souvenirs

Jack with his light up sword =)

Jack and me

Madie and J

Lil Miss Madie and me

I just love how intently these 2 are watching the show =)

At the beginning of the show, we sang the National Anthem and this performer came out.

The elephants came out in the show opener

This was one of Madeline's favorites

These are the "new" clowns

The performers doing some tricks

Performing a skit

This man lifted 1,250 pounds!

A performer walking on glass and fire...OUCH!

3 women fit inside of this box! WOW!

The amazing acrobats

Some of the performers

The motorcycles inside the steel cage...pretty neat !!!

Look at how cute! The elephant is holding a dog in that basket

We had a great time at the circus! Many thanks to my mom for the tickets!!



Nancy said...

Looks like they loved it! I remember when we took Logan when he was younger, the motorcycles freaked him out they were so he would probably want to ride on one!
Those are great pictures!

Crystal said...

Looks like fun! I haven't been to the circus in decades!!! Luke is totally freaked out by loud noises (meaning Rob had to leave with him from a football game once because of the announcer speakers) so no circus for us.. at least not for a while!

K said...

Looks like they had a fun time! I always loved the circus when I was little :)