Friday, December 31, 2010

A Book Review & Give-a-way!!

As most of you know, I am very passionate about supporting and connecting military spouses.  Even more than supporting and connecting them, I want to see them (us) encouraged biblically as we face the ups and downs of the military lifestyle.  Since becoming a military spouse in 2001, I have always been on the search for books, bible studies and organizations that focus on just that: encouraging military spouses biblically.  Through those searches I was very fortunate to come across Wives of Faith during our 2nd deployment in 2008.  And now nearly 3 years later, Wives of Faith continues to offer everything I am looking for and so much more.  Through my involvement with Wives of Faith, I have come to "know" Sara Horn (the founder) as my depolyment buddy (as we are both in deployments right now),  as a very Godly woman, as a loving and supportive wife, and as an outstanding mom.  On top of all those things, she is also very passionate about military spouses.   Because of this, she has written a new book, "Tour of Duty, Preparing Our Hearts For Deployment"  I was asked to review the book and was given a free copy of the book.  Since I was so excited about this book, I went out and purchased my own copy of it on the day Lifeway released it.  ;)  So, I am offering a copy of this book to one lucky reader (details about that at the end of this post)

So on to the review of "Tour of Duty: Preparing Our Hearts For Deployment" by Sara Horn

This book is broken into seven chapters.  It can be read individually or as a group study that would last eight weeks (which is what I will be doing) 

The Chapters are:
1. The Road Less Traveled
2. Walking on Water
3.  Embracing the Detours
4.  The Desert of Enough
5.  Mountain for One
6.  Facing The Giants
7.  This Is Your Time

Each chapter includes helpful hints/tips, great insight, scripture, and bible stories that reminds us of God's promises.  The chapters also include questions to really make you process further what you just read. 

Not only are the chapters full of great scripture and practical, positive insight, there is also an "Extra Help" section in the back of the book.  The "Extra Helps" include "The Emotional and Spiritual Stages of Deployment" developed by Sara, a section for Churches as they minister to military families, and extra resources for the military spouse. 

In addition to the "Extra Helps", there is also a whole section devoted to leaders called "The Leader's Guide"  I love this!  Since I will be hosting a bible study for military wives using this book, I was very interested in what this section held.  Let me say, I am not disappointed.  The Leaders Guide is also divided up just like the chapters and provides tips and discussion ideas for the leaders. 

So, just to sum up my review:  This study is excellent for connecting military spouses who share in common the experience of deployment.  It is a wonderful opportunity to discuss experiences with each other and come out of the study learning how to lean on God more (and less on ourselves) and ultimately to know that our hope is in Christ alone. 

I am looking forward to the study I am having using this book.  There are 7 of us in study so far.  We start on Jan. 7.  I hope to provide a deeper review for you once I complete the study with the group.  If you are in my area and would like to join us, I would LOVE to have you!  Please email me at jessicacrow at bellsouth dot net.  =)

Now, for the give-a-way...if you would like to win a FREE copy of this book, please just leave me a comment below.  You can win it for yourself, for a family member, or a friend...just leave me a comment letting me know you would like to win =)  Since, it is a Holiday weekend, I am leaving the give-a-way open until Monday, Jan. 3 at 8pm central time.  I will announce the winner at that time.  If your not the lucky winner, I do hope you will get yourself a copy will not be disappointed.  The book can be purchased at Lifeway stores or at

Hope  everyone has a blessed and safe New Years!



Kim Wade said...

Im so excited about this study!! I cant wait for us to get started!! Dont enter me in the contest.... I already have the book...


Megan Pierce said...

I am new to your blog and new to the military spouses as well. This book looks great.

Jessica said...

Congrats to Megan! I will be in touch with you so I can send you this book!