Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Part 3

Finally, the post of our Christmas morning. 
This was not our first Christmas apart (thank you deployment) and even though Jason could not physically be there with us, I was determined to keep it as normal for the kids as possible.  This was no easy task, I was not in the Christmas spirit very much this year...I tried...really I was just not the same.  I am thankful for in-laws (I mean Santa's helpers)  who put gifts together for me and delivered the finished products.  (and when you see the doll house below, you will understand that it was not an easy task)  I stayed up well past 1am wrapping gifts, setting things up, and just getting ready for the next know the next morning that way came way too early ;)  (gotta love Christmas morning excitement)  So enough of my "talking" below are pictures of Christmas morning. 

Jack made the adroable place mat at school.  He was so excited to use it.

First stop of the morning is to check the stockings. 

The kids started off slowly, taking things out one at a time....

Then quickly decided, forget this...just dump it =)

Before heading down to the basement (where Santa leaves the goodies) the kids wanted to check to see if Santa ate his cookies and drank milk.  Of course "he" did.

The kids making their way down the stairs.  I love the look of suprise on their faces.  (Jack is holding a camera that he uses to take pictures of things so he can share them with daddy)

Jack's gifts...looks like Santa left a bike, but what else could there be???

Madeline's gifts...hmmm...I spot a jeep and a doll house...wonder what is wrapped???

*Just want to say here that normally we only do 3 gifts at Christmas...why???  Because Jesus was brought 3 gifts and I believe that if 3 gifts were enough for Jesus, then 3 is perfect for us.  That is just my thoughts and why we do it...that is all.  =)  This year though I went a little overboard and did more than 3 ( 5 to be exact) for no other reason than I wanted to.  This year has been very difficult for the kids and I just wanted to give them a little extra.  Now I know that "things" can not fill a void...I know that...but I just wanted to give them a little extra.  ;) 
We were very fortunate that Skype was working and Jason was able to watch the kids open their gifts.  All I wanted for Christmas was for Jason to be able to be a part of our morning some how and he did.  For that I am so grateful! 

Not only was he able to watch us open presents, we were also able to watch him open the gifts that we sent to him.  It was such a good moment that we were able to share just the 4 of us.  Wondering what Jason got?  I did a lot of brainstorming about this...have to get really creative when it comes to sending gifts to deployed troops.  I let the kids choose their own gifts to send Jason.  Madeline chose vampire teeth.  Jackson chose a glow stick (that he went ahead and broke so it would be glowing, ha) The kids also wrapped the gifts themselves.  It Jason a little effort to get through all the tape to open the gifts...but the laughs he had were great!  So glad we could make him laugh.  I sent him a calendar full of pictures (and important dates he should not forget)  I also framed some family pictures for him to sit out and look at....and I had some pictures of just me taken that I sent to him =)

On Christmas day, both our families come over to watch the kids open gifts and to eat breakfast.  This year I asked everyone to wait till 10 to come over and do brunch instead.  I knew that we needed to be just us 4 for a little while and it worked out great. 

Jackson checking out his stuff.

Jack and Madi looking at the doll house.  Jack said "I wonder how Santa got this in the house?"  very carefully son, very carefully

Showing off a new gift!

Of all her gifts, this was and is her fave.

After opening gifts from Santa, the kids had another special package to open..this time from daddy!

Jason made each of us a card...they are so sweet!  Here is Madi holding her card.

And Jack with his card.

Madi showing her gift from daddy...wonder what it is???

hmm...what could it be Jack???

It's a daddy doll!  YAY!   The kids love these and sleep with them every night.

So after opening all the gifts, it was almost time for family to arrive and to eat brunch. 
This is the dining room table set up and ready.  You can see the snow starting to come down if you look out the window.

The kitchen table with all the food set up.

After brunch, it was time to open gifts from Meme (my mom)
Jackson by his gifts from Meme.

Madeline with her gifts from Meme.

The kids giving Meme a hug.

Uncle Zach (Jason's brother) showing one of his gifts.  The kids enjoy picking out presents.  This gift is from is a pen.  Jack got him glow in the dark necklaces...too funny!

By this time it was early afternoon and the snow was coming down really good and sticking. 
Snow had been falling a couple hours at this time and was still falling.  It was so beautiful!

View from our NEW back deck (our deck was finished in Sept.-I need to show before and after pics of that)

Madeline taking a ride in her new jeep...pops making sure she does not get stuck.

By evening we had close to a couple inches of snow on the ground.  It was so beautiful and still falling.  This is our first ever white Christmas.  I hated that Jason missed it though. 
I love how the snow looked at night with the christmas lights turned on. 

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

I have a book review and give-a-way coming up tomorrow...I am excited about this book so be sure to check back.  =)



Nancy said...

I love this post! It is my favorite! I am so happy you skyped on Christmas morning with your hubby... You are such a good wife, Jessica!! And a wonderful Mommy!
Love the pillows & so glad the kids were happy!!
Love you!

Valerie said...

Beautiful! The skyping, calendar, lady bug pillow pet, daddy cards and dolls are all beautiful. And the snow! What a wonderful icing on top! I'll be following your blog too!

Karren said...

I love the idea of just doing three gifts. It makes sense to me!

How awesome that your hubby was able to watch the kids open their gifts via Skype!! I bet that made his whole day! :)

Photina said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! YAY for being able to skype! We did the same thing. :-) I hope your kids enjoy their daddy dolls. They were such a help to my girls this last deployment.

Snag_N_Tag featuring graphix by Angel Diane Creations said...

Two of my 'adult' children have been in this man's marine corps and navy since 1999. My son has missed many a holiday with family and friends. We all post pictures to share our times with and can only pray for the time when we can ALL get together in one place. When my marine has been in the US, he and his family are out on the west coast and we are on the east coast. Our navy daughter makes it home for more of the holidays but not all. It's truly wonderful to see sites like this. No matter how far apart we military families may be, we are together forever in our hearts, in our prayers, and to futures to share!

Crystal said...

Love it! I love how thorough you are jess! You seem to think of everything! so glad to see that jason was a part of your chirstmas morning!