Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our 1st Care Package

We came in from Madeline's dance practice last night to find our 1st care package from daddy had arrived (all the way from Afghanistan!)  The kids were so excited to open up the package and find out just what daddy sent ;)  I made a video of them guessing what was in the package...their guesses crack me up!  I am trying to attach that video at the bottom of this post

 Here the kids are with BIG SMILES as they hold their book and the video of daddy reading the book.

A little message Jason wrote on the inside cover of the book.  So precious, and of course I cried as I read it to the kids.

The kids laying in the bed waiting on the "daddy movie" to come on.

And the he is!  He is our superstar!

Daddy getting ready to read the book.  Any daddy's out there who happen to read my blog, please do not take for granted the moments when you can sit next to your children and read to them.  They moments your children will cherish forever.  I am so grateful for a man who even though he can not physically sit next to his children, he is making sure he can still read to them. 

The kids watching daddy read to them.  It is the only time they have sat still and been quiet all day long.  This video arrived just at the right time. 

I tried, 3 times to be exact, to upload the video of the kids guessing what was in the package and of them opening it. It would not work, and kept giving me an error message. Ugh..oh well. It was funny though. Madeline guessed it was a duck...yea, a live animal. Jack guessed a poster. So they were both very happy when they saw the book and dvd. They both said "thank you daddy and I love you"

I have not done to well updating the blog and reading other blogs...I am hoping to slow down very soon...this week though we have 3 dance performances, plus practice on the days with no performances, on top of the usual school/homework/run errands routine. And just to be real...I still have my fall decorations, I am not joking. Maybe the trees will be up before the big day. Hope that everyone has a fantastic day and I will be back soon with lots of updates and pictures =)



Aimee said...

Oh goodness...that pic of jason in his uniform reading to the kids. I got choked up!!!!!!!

So, so sweet....

The Allen Family said...

definitely a tear jerker... so sweet!

and please... one day or evening, let the kids come play with us and maybe you could take a break (or even decorate)... whatever you wish!! we would love it!!

Nancy said...

You are both amazing parents & I think Jason is such a great Dad!! I love that they got a special package from Daddy!!
Hugs to you!!!

Karren said...

Oh man! This made me tear up!! I bet that book and video is definitely something they will cherish forever now! How sweet!!

Jenifer said...

I love it! So glad Jason got a chance to do this! Makes me want to dig out my Polar Express! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Sarah and I work at USO Kandahar, where your husband recorded the United Through Reading. I stumbled upon your blog. We're glad to see your children enjoyed it! We hope he comes in and records many more! If you wouldn't mind, could you e-mail me the pictures of your kids enjoying the UTR? We like to post to our facebook page pictures of our happy customers! :)