Monday, December 20, 2010

Madeline's Party

Our little princess turned 4 a few weeks ago and we celebrated it by having a Tea Party. This party was so much fun! Mostly because I did not have to plan it ;) I was fortunate to have a friend who has a little party business and she handled all the details of the party right down to the food, decor, party favors, and dress-up pieces. I did do a little extra decorating, but it was not necessary. Madeline's birthday is already at a very busy time of the year on top of it being just a few weeks after her daddy left so I was more than excited to hand over all the details over to the "professionals"

Below are some pictures of the party...prepare for picture overload ;)

Our little birthday girl waiting on her guests to arrive.

Madeline and Princess Anna.  Princess Anna helped the guests get ready for the party, she read to them, played games with them and served them.  She was fantastic.

Madeline and Kenlee choosing just the right accessories.

Princess Anna helping Madeline

Kenlee and Madeline getting their nails painted.

Sadie getting make-up applied by Princess Anna.

Madeline's turn for some make-up while Emma watches.

Madeline, Kenlee, and Emma with Princess Anna.

She looks so grown-up in this picture to me.

Getting a quick picture with my sweet girl.

Kenlee looked so adorable.

Princess Anna taking a picture with the party guests.  Aren't they so cute all decked out???  ;)

Listening to Princess Anna tell a story.

My pretty little birthday girl!

Time for tea and cake, yummy!

Madeline got her own personal cake and each guest also received her own cake.

Blowing out the candle.

Sipping on some tea.

A very happy little birthday girl.

After tea and cake, some of the girls had to have a wardrobe change.  (I think Madeline had 4 changes total)

Getting a hug from the birthday girl.  Each guest got to sit next to Madeline as she opened her gift from them. 

Jack was not too excited about getting a hug and kiss from his little sis, ha!

Madeline and Aunt Kim...could not have pulled off the extra decorations without her help...nor would I have been able to keep it together without her help.  It's nice to have such a good friend that understands what it is like to go through a deployment (especially a 3rd deployment, which is a totally different ballgame)

Madeline and Uncle Zach...what a trooper he is wearing accessories =)

My mom, me, and Madeline...3 generations =)

Another picture with Princess Anna.

A very happy birthday girl!!

Below are a few pictures of the party prep and decorations:
Kim put tulle bows on each chair for the guests to sit in.

Did they not turn out so durn cute???!!! 

We also made a Happy Birthday banner and decorated the chandelir with some cute things I found at a local dollar store.

Below is a view of the table

Madeline said this was the best party ever. I loved watching the girls dress-up. It really made me want to have a grown-up tea party ;)
Madeline asks almost daily if she can have another one. I would love to do this again!



Sespi said...

What a great party! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time :)

Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness WOW!! You went all out! It looks great! They are so adorable too. I am going to come to you for birthday ideas, I am so impressed! lol Did you hire the princess or is she a friend?

Jenifer said...

Princess Anna is fabulous!!!! She is one of my kids FAVORITE babysitters! They love her and ask for her often!!!!! Glad Madeline had such a great time at her tea party....we've been to one of Millie's before and Ellie always loves them! Happy Birthday!

Nancy said...

Tell Madeline that Kenlee agrees, she thinks it was the best party ever, too. :) She is so precious & it was so good to see you & your sweet family!!

The Allen Family said...

WOW!!! what a party!!! such precious little princesses- i can see why madeline had a wonderful birthday (and why she is ready for another one)... looks like so much fun and such special details :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is so fun!!

Karren said...

How fun!! I remember going to a tea party when I was little but we dressed up like old ladies instead of princesses! haha