Monday, December 13, 2010

Trying To Catch Up...Family Pictures

So I am still trying to get caught up on posting...I am almost there (almost) I had planned to already be caught up, but as luck would have it, there have been some changes in my plans. I am finally feeling better (not 100%, but better). I did manage to get our tree up and a little decorating throughout the house. It is not near as much as I would normally do, but it's something and well at this point I guess something is better than nothing right? I will post some pictures soon.

Before the guys left, we had some more family pictures taken. A very talented and sweet young lady we go to church with took them for us. We already had the pictures with Jason in uniform so I wanted to do some casual pictures around some of the historic sites in our town. I know these are a couple months old, sorry about that =)



Nancy said...

LOVE the shoes, my friend. LOVE the outfits ~ you 4 are such a beautiful family!
I'm happy you are feeling better & I love reading your new posts!!
Love you!!

Mahala said...

What's that Trace Adkins' song?? Oh yeah...One HOT Mama. Yep, that's you!! These pictures are great!

Jenifer said...

LOVE the pictures! Such a beautiful family!

Kathryn said...

"My hubby and I both grew up trick-or-treating. My kids trick or treat and we do the whole carving of pumpkins thing. (no ghosts or devils for us) It is fun for us and good family time.
I am glad that you and your hubby were able to come to an agreement on how to spend Halloween. =)"

Thanks for commenting! I am glad we did too. I know every family is different, so I am glad you guys can make it fun for you!

I absolutely LOVE your new family pictures!! You look great!! :)

By the way how are you doing?