Thursday, December 2, 2010

A (Very Quick) 4 Day Pass

Ok, now time for me to play "catch-up" on the blog.   As most of you know, my hubby and brother have been gone for a while now (hence the reason I have not had much time  no time at all to blog.  There are some events over the past 2 months that I do want to share though (mostly for my own memory sake)  So, yes, you will be seeing pictures that contain my hubby and brother in them.  No, they are not here.  Yes, these pictures are a month or 2 old.  ;)  but I am determined to get caught up on blogging (and laundry, and housework, oh and on taking down the fall decor)  haha

So, in this post, I wanted to share some pictures from when Jason and Jeremy were given a 4 day pass just before they headed over the pond.  We were told that it was a possiblity they would get the pass so when it was confirmed we were soooo excited!  As you can imagine, 4 days went by VERY fast.  We tried to enjoy it to the fullest and just take savor those moments we were given because we knew that it would likely be the last time we would physically see Jason until this deployment was over. (I know, your thinking "but what about R&R??"  well, we have decided together that we will not take the R&R...I will save this reason for another post though)  During the 4 days we crammed in several activities, but we also managed to have some downtime at home too.  Below are some pictures of our time:

I picked Jason and my brother up at the airport.  Since it was a really late flight, I went by myself...though the kids did wait up for us at the house.  They were so excited!  (Can't say that I blame them)

On one of our days, we took the kids to the mountains near where we live.  It was such a nice time and the kids loved climbing the rocks.  

Jason, being the avid hunter that he is, wanted to go to the woods one day just to see if we would see anything.  Well, we did not see anything.  Of course if there was anything at there, we were surely making enough noise to let it know we were there, haha.

On our final night, Jason's parents came over to visit for a little while. 
I love this picture of Madeline giving her daddy a great big squeezin hug! :)

On the day that the guys had to fly back, we went to lunch with my mom before I took them to the airport. 

At the airport, the kids and I were able to go back with Jason to the terminal to wait for his plane.  Time went by so incredibly fast.  And of course, the plane was on time (one of those times when you wish for a delay)  We took several photos of this time...again, I just wanted them for memory sake.  Yes, it is an incredibly emotional time, but I just wanted to capture those moments. 
Jason and Jackson

Jackson took a picture of Jason and I together.  (:

Jason and the kids.

My little family of 4.

The kids giving Uncle Jeremy a bye hug as he boards his plane.  They ask daily how Uncle Jeremy is doing and tell me how much they love him. 

Below are a couple pictures of us hugging good-bye ( boy, that was a hard time)

Getting one last hug...I did not want to let all...

Some of the children sat in front of the window and watched as their daddy's boarded the plane.  This moment was really a heart-breaker/ tear-jerker.  These poor babies will go another year + without their daddy.

This is a picture of the kids all standing in the window as the plane was backing up and away...they were all saying "bye daddy" "I love you daddy" and "Be safe daddy"  UGH, talk about opening the flood gate of tears. 

I am very thankful for the 4 days we had together.  We had some fun adventures.  There was laughter and there were tears, but we made the most of the time we had and for that I am so thankful. 

Both guys are situated at their bases and we have been able to talk and skype with them.  We have sent several care packages already and have even received some of our own (which was yesterday's post)  We are getting into a routine (kinda) but the Holiday season is upon us and with that brings extra craziness. 

Well, I must go for now.  But first, I wanted to say thank you to all my followers who continue to check in on us.   Now, off to tackle the laundry (before it takes over the house)  Have a wonderful day everyone!



Crystal said...

oh jessica!!! this post was soooo sweet! I teared up looking at the farewell pics. You and Jason are super strong! May your holidays be brighter and more cheerful than you can imagine during this time!

Jenifer said...

Girl, my laundry is taking over the house and my hubby is home! Ha! I'll catch up when they are grown. So glad you guys had this 4 day pass. Beautiful pictures....beautiful family.

Nancy said...

You are such a beautiful family!! I love this post!
SO glad you got these 4 days together!!

Photina said...

Yay for the 4 day pass! It looks like you had such a great time! The pictures at the end made me tear up.

Laura said...

*tears* We are right there...the husband has been gone for a month now, and we're starting to settle in to a routine...and watching the kids say bye was the saddest thing.

(thanks for coming by my blog today!)