Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Christmas Decor

So I finally got around to taking all the fall decor down and replacing it with Christmas decorations. I did not put out everything...I scaled down...way down this year. I only put 3 of the 6 trees up and I just did a little decorating in the living room/dining room.

Below are some pictures of the decorations (prepare for picture overload)

This is the view once you first enter through the front door:
These are hanging between the dining room and living room.  Its one of the first things you see once you walk in the door.  I found the felt ornaments at the local dollar store and had my mom attach bows to them. 

On to the dining room:

I attached bows to some accessories that were already in the dining room.

The table.  I hung a few ornaments and put a simple centerpiece in the middle.  I don't like the table that much, but was out of ideas for what to place there.  Maybe next year I will get a little more creative...maybe.

Must have a countdown calendar ;)
To the living room:
Again I just put out a few things on this piece of furniture...just keeping it simple.  I am still trying to decide if I will keep this as is for next year or change it up a little.

Mantle in the living room.  I did the mantle on a much smaller scale this year.  Plus I have found some stockings that I love A LOT that are lime green and red and would match the decor much better next year.  Maybe I will treat myself to them ;)

This is Madeline's stocking.

HA!  I love this little pillow hanging ;)
And Jackson's stocking.

Of course he has to have a pillow too.

This is the tree in Madeline's room.  She wanted a sparkly princess this is what I came up with.  She said she loves it but it needs more sparkle.  HA!

Jackson's tree.  He first wanted a sports theme tree but it has turned into a Bama tree.  Hope he knows how much I love him seeing as how I am an Auburn fan and did not like buying that Bama stuff (lol)

And the final tree that Santa will come down...the patriotic tree in the basement.   For this tree I made several ornaments using pictures then came across some really great ones at local stores.

We got this ornament in Disney back in 2003 when Jason returned from 1st deployment.

The tree before any decor was put on.  Just the toppers.

And the final product.

So that is it.  Our decor for this year.  The kids and I are busy making crafts and I plan to share those soon.  =)



Nancy said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL! You have a gift, sweet friend!!!

Jenifer said...

Beautiful! Next year, come decorate my house!!!!

Karren said...

I love the patriotic tree!