Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

This week we decided to go ahead and carve all our pumpkins since Halloween is coming up. We have so much fun doing this! Nothing beats trying to decide how we will carve our pumpkins. We (uhum I mean Jason) is very creative...thank goodness...below are some pics of his creations:

Madeline and Jack are ready to carve pumpkins.

Helping daddy clean out the inside of the pumpkin...this lasted for less than a minute...seriously...they both got one scoop out and said they were done. Actually Madeline said it was "grossey".

Jason takes over the pumpkin cleaning and carving.

I asked Jason to make me a "C" pumpkin. I thought this turned out great! =)

check out those razor sharp teeth.

Snaggle tooth pumpkin.

Jason working hard on some more creations.

Thought you might like to see them in the dark.

My cute lil pumpkins

Posing next to daddy's hard work...check out Madi striking her little pose =)

The "A" and a ghost...I want to know where my Auburn one is???

A couple of pumpkin faces and a skeleton

All of Jason's masterpieces.



Nancy said...

The pumpkins are fantastic - and the kids can't be any cuter.

Crystal said...

Cute! :)

Jenifer said...

I LOVE the Alabama pumpkin! Next year I'm inviting Jason to carve pumpkins with us!!

The Allen Family said...

Wow I'm impressed with Jason's creativity and carving abilities!!!! What fun!!!