Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Party

Today was the Fall Party at Jack's pre-school. They had games, crafts, story time, and everyones favorite....snack time! It was so cute they had sandwiches cut out like ghosts, cats, and pumpkins; chips and dip; cookies;and of course cupcakes. The biggest hit though....can you guess??? The treat bags! I seriously have not seen this much candy before and I have got to get it out of this house before we (uh hum, I mean me) eats it all! Any takers????

Below are a few pictures from the party...

Cupcakes I made for the party...yes I made them (the cupcakes that is)...the spiders are plastic and just stuck on the top.

Jack getting ready to play a game.

Madi having fun playing with all the toys.

Jack playing a game.

Jack playing a game of knock over the cans.

Gotta love the t-shirt..."Who needs Halloween, my sister scares me enough"

Listening to a story.

Madeline scoping out the party.

Madeline and me at the fall party...unfortunately my batteries died before I got a picture with Jack. So...I will wait for my friend to send me her copy.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures from the school Fall Party. Check back in Saturday afternoon (Halloween) Instead of my usual tailgating Saturday recipes, I am going to share some spooky treats...this should be fun 8)



Nancy said...

So cute! Love the cupcakes...Jack looks like he had fun!~
You know my next question...where did Madi's outfit come from!? SO CUTE!!
Happy Halloween! I hope it stops raining soon!!

Crystal said...

I love Jack's shirt!!! Haha! Too cute! Great job on the cupcakes... although I can't believe you didn't have time to hand pipe black icing spiders.. ;)

Jenifer said...

LOVE the shirt! Glad you guys had fun at the party!