Friday, October 9, 2009

Conversation with Jack

Last night I was pulling the kids in the wagon around the neighborhood. As I was pulling them down the little hill, here is the conversation that followed:

Jack ~ "holy cow!"

Me~ "buddy, don't say that"

Jack~ "ok, Holy nuts!"

Me ~ trying not to laugh..."Jack do not say holy anything, it is not nice"

Jack ~ "well Trevor's mom lets him say it"

ok are you ready for my reply....

Me ~ "well I am your mommy and I said not to say it"

I am still laughing at my use of the ultimate mom know the one that you always heard growing up when you tried to use the argument that your friend's mom lets them do or say whatever. It was one of those lines that I did not think I would be using so soon...definitely thought it would come around middle school age. Oh well...I pulled the because I am your mom card...lets hope it worked 8)



Jenifer said...

Too funny! It is SO hard not to say all those little things your mom said! I try hard not to but they sneak up on me when I least expect it! Even things my dad always said come up now and again. One that he always said, that I will NEVER say:

When I would ask a question, for example, "why is the sky blue?"...he would always say "to make stupid people ask questions" how mean is THAT! Gosh Dad...I guess he thought it was the time I did too, now that I am a mommy I think it's terrible! Gotta' listen and make sure he doesn't say it to my kids!

Nancy said...

I remember my Mom being right most of the about you!? HA!
I catch myself sounding like Bon Bon all the time, do you do that, too?
We are so blessed to have our wonderful Mom's!!!
I think our Mom's have reconnected on Facebook! I love it!!

Lisa said...

I actually said "because I said so and thats all you need to know" this week. I hoped I would never resort to that line....oh well!!