Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Must See Video

I wanted to share a video with all of you that I first watched on facebook. It is a video about an amazing man who volunteers his time to make sure that all troops returning home receive a warm welcome. I cry every time I watch this video...for several reasons: 1. because I can still feel/remember the very raw feelings of picking up my soldier at the airport 2. that someone would be so willing to give of their time to show support. (and the man in the video has done it for 300 out of 365 many of us can say we have given that much time or dedication to anything?) and finally because I witnessed a group of USO volunteers just like these on the video at the Atlanta airport...I saw first hand how they cheered, clapped, hugged, and helped EVERY troop that came through. And each time it was with pure excitement and almost as if they knew that troop is so touching to witness. Not only do they take care of the troops, but they also took care of the family members waiting on their soldier to arrive... So take 3 minutes to watch this video...and the next time you are at an airport where the volunteers are set up...Thank them! (and the troops!)
*remember to pause the music player at the bottom of page before watching the video*



Crystal said...

I watched this today with Robby! What an awesome story! We can learn a lot from this man!

Kim Wade said...

I remember those wonderful men waiting to shake our hubbies hands! They kept us up to date on where the plane was too! I also loved the ones who came out at 3am in GA to welcome them home! Thanks for posting this Jecca! I am now a blubbering mess!