Friday, April 18, 2008

Exhausted to the point of death

Plane ride

view from the window of the plane

Walking down Broadway

NBC Studio Tour

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Oh my! I am EXHAUSTED! Believe it or not, we accomplished everything on the itinerary plus some. My poor body is weak and it will probably take me a full week to catch up on sleep, but we have no regrets, it was a trip of a lifetime. So....I know you all are dying to hear every little detail, so I am going to post each day of our trip, one day at a time. There is so much to tell, and I want to give as much detail as possible (this is also a scrapbook for me!).

Monday morning: I jumped (literally) out of bed and got dressed and headed for Jess's house. I got to her house about 5:00am and we loaded up the car and she had to tell Jason good-bye. He had come home for a short visit before heading off to Iraq for 400 days. It was sad, but Jess is so strong. We had no problems getting to Park Spot 2 in Atlanta. When we got on the shuttle, there was 2 men and another couple. We were absolutely giddy. So, of course, they asked, "So, where are you going?" That was all we needed to hear. We both screamed, "We're going to see Paula!!!!" We were taking pictures on the shuttle bus. (I know, you would have thought we never get out) So, we get to the airport and check in our luggage. We tip the man good, because our precious Paula outfits are in those suitcases!!! We were still giddy at this point. (Maybe delirious because neither one of us slept the night before) We grab a good breakfast and board the plane at 10:00am. Plane ride was great, except for the poor girl who was having a panic attack next to us. We started pointing and screaming when we saw the New York skyline. We land in New York at 12:00pm and got our luggage. We walk out to the curb to wait for our Super Shuttle. Well, it doesn't show up for a while, come to find out, you have to call and make a reservation. Who knew? So after and small 30 minute delay, the Super Shuttle arrives. This is where things turn bad. The driver is the cutest little Chinese man. Really nice guy. We are on the interstate going about 60 mph(NY traffic is insane) and I look out the front window and all I see is a big construction truck sitting still in the middle of the highway. Driver man is NOT slowing down at this point. I look at the other 9 people in the van and they are in shock. So....I SCREAM!!!!!!! The man looks up and yanks the van into the other lane, thank God there wasn't a car coming. Are you ready......the driver was looking down texting!!!!! I was shaking like a leaf, and basically sitting in Jessica's lap crying for my mama. OK, not really, but I was so freaked out I could hardly breathe. The whole van is silent, like hear a pin drop silent. Well, we made it to our hotel, alive. We check in and take our luggage to our tiny little room. Later, we found out, if you can walk around your bed, your room is considered big. Our room was no bigger than my master bathroom. Really. But, who cares, we only slept there (and we barely did that!) So, off to see the town. We head down to Times Square. Everything was so big, and it made us feel so small! We looked like total tourist. First thing we noticed, everyone is in a hurry and nobody is friendly. We were smiling at people and they gave us weird looks. Everyone is wearing black, sunglasses, looks mad, and has an Ipod. While we were walking down the street, this bumb hollers out to us, "Hey, you, I am going to cut your (insert bad word) throat." I looked at Jess and we both decided to put on our "New York mad face". So with our mad faces, we head over to NBC studios and took a tour. It was neat. Jess and I volunteered and we got up and did a news cast. I did the weather and she did the news. The weather was so hard. I had to read the tele-prompt and point at the same time. Ya'll, I looked so ridiculous, I couldn't even tell left from right. Everything is backwards. Its like looking in a mirror. I just laughed and everyone laughed at my southern accent. Jess read her script so good and then she would say "And now, over to Aimee for the weather." Mine was something like "Ya'll, its gonna be 75 degrees in NYC today and there is a little cold front over here in the west..." You get the picture. Total hillbillies. We sat in the Conan O'brien studios and toured other neat things. After that, we go to Rockefeller center, St. Patricks Cathedral (so beautiful), Radio City, Saks 5th Ave, and all of 5th ave, and most of Broadway. We had fun in Saks 5th ave. We pretended we were rich and we were saying, "Oh, Jess, do you think daddy would mind if I charged this on his card? I just love this Prada purse. Its just $1,450.00." It was funny. People are so snobby in there. Where is the southern love????? I sure don't feel it.....

After all that, (keep in mind, its just Day 1 !!!), we found Ellen's Stardust Diner. Oh what fun! This is a diner on Broadway St. where all the young people who are trying to get on Broadway shows work. They all sing. And they are sooooo good. They were singing numbers from Broadway shows. I felt like I was at American Idol, they were that good! It was constant entertainment. I would highly recommend this if you visit NYC. Good food too.

We decided after supper that we were going to catch up on sleep, so we could be ready for the next 3 days. Looking back, this was the best decision we made all week! Because Tuesday was a monster of a day..... I will tell you all about the 14 hour day tomorrow. Hopefully, my pics will be back from Wal-mart too.

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