Monday, April 21, 2008

NY Trip Day 4 - Our Last Day :(

Today Show

Today Show

The security guard who thought we were movie stars???

Aimee laying on the nasty floor in the souvenir shop

the nasty "naked cowboy"

getting yummy cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery

posing with our VIP ticket from the Mike and Juliet Show

about to ride the subway

Our week went by so fast! Hard to believe it was already our last day. But it was probably a good thing because we were exhausted! I mean completely and utterly exhausted!

We were up early once again, but this time it was so we could go to the Today Show (and get pictures for Aimee's mom Mrs. Ann) We did not make it in time to see the 7 am start, but we were there by 7:30 (so we were on the 8 o'clock hour) To get in we had to go through security (of course) and let them read our sign. Once in line we got a great spot right on the front. At the start of the 8 o'clock hour Matt and Meredith came out to talk to the crowd. Aimee almost got to touch Matt! (She would have been next, but he was pulled away) When the camera scanned the audience we got on TV! We called everyone so they could watch (with the hour delay for central time we could tell them exactly when to watch) As we were leaving the Today Show a guy walks up to us and says he is a producer for "The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet) and he would like us to be on the show! Aimee was a little skittish at first so he showed us ID. He told us the guests and segment line up (we got to see William Defow and Joan London) Well hook, line, and sinker we were in! On our way to the studio, the producer gives us a VIP pass! We got to the studio, go through security, and turned in our cameras (they would not let us take any pictures at all) The staff fed us breakfast then took us to the studio. We were put on the front row center! What luck we have! There we were in our "I Love NY" t-shirts pulled off the streets and placed on the front row! How crazy is that ?!? Needless to say some of the audience members were not pleased with us because they waited months for a ticket. Now comes the part where I make a complete idiot of myself. Aimee and I had decided the "lady" sitting next to me was not born a female. (just use your imagination for "her" appearance) So without thinking I turned to "her" and say "Did they pull you off the street too?" The "lady" replied "No, I am not like that!" I was soooo embarrassed! I quickly apologized and told "her" that Aimee and I were pulled off the street. WOW! Talk about embarrassing! The Mike & Juliet show was fun to be on. Mike & Juliet interacted with the audience a lot and they seemed very down to earth. Some prizes were given away, but all I got was a t-shirt.
By now it was 10:30 and we had to get back to the hotel and pack up because check out was 12 noon. As we were checking out the hotel security guard asked if he could have his picture taken with us because he thought we were movie stars! (of course he could have been full of it and is photoshopping our pictures-who knows) We store our luggage and grab a cab to Greenwich Village (or so we thought) The cab driver took us to Soho. Oh well, we explored a little then got another cab to Greenwich. This cabby knew where he was going (thankfully), unfortunately he was a Bush hater and anti-war. I have no idea what got this guy ranting about that, but he did. I began to cry (almost uncontrollably) and felt like I could not breathe. Aimee, being the great bff she is, told him about Jason and then told him to stop the cab. We walked the rest of the way. I was so glad to get out of that cab! (I miss sweet home Alabama!) We grabbed some cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery. They were incredible! The frosting is out of this world! Magnolia Bakery is a must if your traveling to NYC! We had lunch at Penny Feathers. Supposedly known for their pasta dishes, but we did not want anything that heavy so we opted for the Turkey Reuben. (it was ok, definitely had better) After lunch we decided to take the subway back to Broadway (no more cabs for me thanks!) We did some souvenir shopping (and Aimee decided to lay down on the nasty floor) We saw the "naked cowboy" He was gross. Enough said. As we walked down Broadway a man approached us and asked if we would attend a taping for a show on Comedy Central. We politely turned him down (no telling what kind of show that would have been) By now it was time to return to the hotel and get our luggage out of storage so we could ride the Super Shuttle to the airport. UGH the Super Shuttle! It was yet another nightmare. The driver had no clue where he was going. The other passengers had to tell him where to go plus he kept talking on the phone on what sounded like personal calls. I felt like screaming "this is your job, get off the phone and drive!" But I did not. It took the guy nearly 3 hours to get us to the airport (and there was no traffic to blame it on, just his lack of direction) Oh well we finally arrived, checked in, and grabbed dinner. Our plane was delayed for mechanical problems (scary) But we had a great conversation with a lady from China. She was so beautiful! She had the most beautiful skin ever! She was 40 but did not look over 20! It was amazing! She shared all her herbal tips with I need to go back to Chinatown and get the herbs. It was great for Aimee to talk to her so she could learn a little more about Lily's homeland. Well after a nearly 2 hour delay a plane arrives to take us home! Yah! After it was all said and done we arrived at my house around 3am. And here we are. Back to reality! It was so nice to get away, but I sure was glad to see my babies! Well I hope you have enjoyed reading about the BFF Great Adventure!

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