Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Party Time with Paula!!!!

The girls wanted me to catch you guys up on all their adventures (this is the very condenced version because I am male!) They have not only kept up with the itenerary, they have added to it! Yesterday's adventure (Tuesday) covered 14 hours and 10 miles on foot!!! The pain reliever was well worth the fun of the day. Aimee and Jessica had a blast "undercover shopping," eating pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge, hitting up Grand Central Station, Harold Square, the Garment District, the Public Library (they tried to use the internet but you have to make a reservation for the computer), and they capped off the night at the Empire State Building! This morning they got up early to get dressed for the big show, turned heads all over town because they were looking like movie stars, sat on the set in the front row behind Paula, and got to take a close look at 90210 star Jason Priestly! The shows will air some time in the future under the titles, "Prime Time Cutties" and "A Taste of Italy." Now they are off for Central Park and more fun on the town, and tonight they are going to "The Lion King" where they will be sitting 12th row center. In the morning they plan to get up early, take in Greenwich Village and other fun attractions, and then fly home tomorrow night. Their flight leaves New York at about 9:00 pm eastern time so pray for safe travel! Thanks for keeping up with the ladies, and they will have lots to say when they get home. Later.

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