Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Fishing Trip

This weekend, Jason and I took the kids on their first fishing trip. They have been wanting to go for a while. I am so glad that Jason planned this little outing for us. It was a lot of fun. We loaded up our poles, bait, chairs, a picnic lunch, the camera (of course) (= and off we went to fish. It was A LOT of fun! Jack caught 4 fish and Madi caught 2. Jason and I brought our poles, but we did not do any fishing...instead we spent most of our time baiting the kids hooks, casting their lines, getting their lines unstuck, and keeping Madi out of the minnows (she loved trying to get them out of the bucket) That is ok though...we loved every minute of it.
Below are some pictures of our day.

Jason and the kids ready for a fun day of fishing.

Madeline and her dora fishing pole.

Jack and his batman fishing pole.

Jason giving the kids some pointers before they start fishing.

Jack and his first fish. As soon as Jason cast Jack's line in, he got a bite. Jack reeled the fish in all by himself.

Jason helping Madi get her bait in a good spot.

Madeline's first fish. She reeled this in all by herself.

Madeline waiting on the big one.

Jack waiting on the big one.

Jason helping Jack reel another fish in.

I love this picture of Jack squatting, watching, and waiting for his bobber to go under water.

Madeline spent most of her time playing with the minnows. (she is holding one in her hands)

Jack was so proud of his catch.

Madi with another fish.

It's hard work catching fish....

Below are 2 videos of the kids catching their first fish. (Jack is the 1st video and Madi is the 2nd) Please excuse my excitedness (is that a word???) I was so excited for them to catch their first fish and reel it in on their own...and you can hear it on the I am just letting you know so that you can be prepared =)
Enjoy the videos and remember to pause the music player at the bottom before you watch.



Crystal said...

How fun! Those videos are too sweet!

The Allen Family said...

HOW CUTE AND EXCITING!!! it's so fun to watch them do things for the first time and get so excited!!! :) i know y'all had a blast!!

Kathryn said...

Hey! I was just browsing, and saw that you were a military wife, I am doing a giveaway, of a book called Faith Deployed. If you want to, check it out and enter to win a free copy!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the comment, and glad you had the chance to read it already!! :)