Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Soccer Game

Thanks to all the rain we have received over the past few weeks, our soccer games have been cancelled. Thankfully, the rain FINALLY stopped and we were able to play our 1st soccer game a couple nights ago! It was so much fun! With this being Jack's 1st year to play, I had no idea what to expect. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the laughter department. It was so much fun watching those little boys and girls run up and down the field trying to kick the ball. Most of the time, if they got the ball they would just trip over stinkin cute! I brought a chair to sit in, but I did not sit at was way too much fun to sit and watch...nope I had to stand =)
Jackson did so good! He started off as goalie! I was so surprised! He did so good though. He played it for the first half of the game, then he changed to a field position (sorry I do not know what the correct term is) The whole time Jack was goalie, only 1 ball came to our end (mostly because the kids could not figure out which goal to kick it in. HA!) But the one ball that did come toward our goal, Jack blocked! And I do mean block...He literally dove on top of ball and stopped it. (turns out his daddy has been working with him on that and he actually listened and remembered to do it!) I was so proud of him!
The league we are playing in does not keep score for this age group...well let me tell you...this mommy kept score =) Sorry, I see nothing wrong with competition. Our team won 5-1! YIPPEE!
Below are some pictures from the game: (these pictures were taken by my wonderful friend Kelly, who is a GREAT photographer! I am so glad she was able to catch these great shots!

Jason giving Jack some pointers =)

Go Jackson!

Way to hustle Jack!

Defending the goal

Jack and Charlie...2 of the cutest little boys ever! Charlie is Kelly's (the great photographer) little boy. Charlie is also a great soccer player! He scored 3 of our goals!



Nancy said...

Making good memories! He looks so cute on that field. I bet his little sister is a good cheerleader for him!

Kelly said...

Thanks Jess! Your blog is very well put! I am really looking forward to the rest of the season!