Friday, September 4, 2009

1st Soccer Practice

Jack had his first soccer practice of the season last night. He had such a good time...well actually, he had more fun goofing off than anything. This was his first time to play in any sort of organized team sport so it was fun to watch. Jason and one of our good friends are coaching the team. (which is even funnier than the kids playing) Jason will probably be upset with me for sharing this, but I just have too...Last night before practice, Jason was searching the internet for tips on "how to teach pre-schoolers to play soccer" All in all, the practice went really well! The kids did good and I think we have some really good players =) Of course, Jack is my fave ;)

Jack getting ready for the start of practice.

Doing some warm-ups =)

Listening to Coach Kenny tell them what to do.

Kicking the ball into the goal.

Good kick Jack!

Whew...time for a water break =)

Doing some more exercises with the ball.

Jack and Savannah goofing off instead of practicing (go figure it is the coaches kids)

A little team meeting after practice.

And of course...I have to put a picture of Madi watching her bubba practice.

Below is a video of Jack practicing. (to enjoy the sound, please pause music player at the bottom)


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Nancy said...

So cute, Jessica!! I love to watch little one's play soccer! Logan used to lay down & pick the grass! We would laugh & just take pictures!