Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Who knew that k-5 would have homework??? Not me! I seriously can not remember having homework until I was in like middle school (but knowing me, I probably finished at school or on the bus so that I did not have to do it at home)
Well, so far Jack has had homework every weekend. Not much homework...but homework nonetheless. (I guess I need to get prepared huh?) It has just been little things like practicing writing, reviewing Spanish, and whatever else they did for the week. Right now school is still in the "review and recap" stage so I am sure as the weeks go by, it will get a little more involved. Over this past weekend Jack's assignment was to make a family tree. The idea was to decide what kind of tree our family was, complete a sentence about it, and then each member of the family make something on the tree. Fun right??? Yes =) The suggestion was to choose a fruit tree. The only rule was we could not use "Nut Tree" Well there went my idea right out the window. HA! The sentence to be completed was " We are a _______ tree because we are _______ " After much discussion, we agreed on being an apple tree. (original huh?) Below is our Family Tree:

We each drew our own apple and cut them out. I crinkled up green tissue paper for the leaves and then used pop dots for the apples so they would stick up (kind of 3-D) We had to write our name on the bottom so I just colored the tree trunk.

And here is our sentence..."We are an apple tree because we are sweet to the core" HA! OK quit laughing everyone.... =)

Now for the really silly stories:
1. We were working on this project during a really big NFL Jason was in the hurry-up mode. =) You know the one where he is rushing us through the project and telling me to just color the tree and not take the time to crinkle up tissue paper. He even remarked that he was having flash backs to studying for tests in high school...seriously...doing a craft project reminds you of studying for a test??? He makes me laugh =)

2. Jason did not find the apple tree very original, nor did he think it truly described our family. Want to know his idea????
"We are on Oak Tree because we are a hunting family" He suggested we draw people sitting in tree stand holding bows pointed at a deer standing beside the tree.
I wonder what the school would of thought of us had we actually done that???



The Allen Family said...

haha!!! such a cute apple tree y'all made- and even funnier was jason's idea. it made me laugh thinking that that's exactly something that adam would have said :)

i know jackson's teacher was impressed :)

Nancy said...

Josh would agree with Jason.
Your tree is adorable. Your kids couldn't be any cuter!! What a combo of the two of you!

Aimee said...

Love your tree!! I saw Kadle outside picking up leaves and bark to make Eliz. Tree! Must be a back to school activity!

Love Jason's idea!!