Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tour Of Homes

WELCOME! Please enjoy your tour!

First up, our outside decor:

Front door

Views of our lights on the house and in the yard.

Come on into our dining room:

Dining room table decor.

Ornaments hanging from chandelier

View of the table and chandelier.

Moving the tour onto the living room:

Sleigh and reindeer

Christmas tree in the living room.

Close up of the topper.

Mantle decor

Another view of the Christmas tree and mantle.

Next up, the kitchen:

Tree in the kitchen. This tree holds all my Santa ornaments.

Close up of the topper.

One of my favorite Santa ornaments.

This one makes me giggle =)

Dish towels hanging on the stove

Painted pottery plate sitting on the counter...I just love having pieces that my children made =)

Decor on the counter.

Card holder waiting to be filled is getting there...we have received a few more cards since this photo was taken ;)

Of course we have to have a countdown. This is actually a placemat, but I thought it would be fun to hang on the fridge and let the kids change the days.

And now to move the tour down to the basement....

This is the tree that holds all our memories...ornaments from when my hubby and I were kids and of course the ornaments that our children have made.

Close up of the topper.

Merry Christmas!
Thank you so much for stopping by! We were glad to have you! Now be sure to check out the links on the Nester's site. There are some really beautiful decorations!!!



Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Your christmas tree topper is beautiful! And your mantel looks so stunning as well! What a lovely home!

Anonymous said...

Your home looks wonderful. Happy Holidays!

Lyndsey said...

LOVE the painted pottery from the kids! Precious!

Lamp Tramp said...

First, I thank you, Jason, and your children for the sacrifices you all endure in his service to our wonderful country. I truly know firsthand these hardships. God Bless you and your family. Next, your home is just beautiful and so ready for Christmas. I know your children are so excited! They are so precious!
What branch is your hubby? I tried reading back a few months, thought I'd just ask. I am so glad he is home safe. Does he have to deploy again? Did you check out my daughter and SIL at Walter Reed? They are the reason I'm so supportive of any miltary family I come to meet! Thanks for visting, stay in touch!
Lamp Tramp

Just Breathe said...

Your decorations look beautiful.
Thank you for stopping over at my blog and your children are so precious. Merry Christmas.

Julie From Inmates said...

Your tree toppers are beautiful and unique!!! I love all of your trees but can't imagine the work involved! Thanks for the tour!


Julie from Inmates

Gabby said...

Your tree toppers are so pretty! Really!

Jolene said...

Wow! So beautiful! Where did you acquire your decorating skills...I could use a few lessons from you!

Kathleen said...

Your decorations are beautiful! You have such a lovely home! The plate with the children's hand and foot is so cute!

Jami said...

Everything looks great Jess! Love the card holder! (;