Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 6 ~ Wives of Faith Blog Carnival

Welcome to Day 6 of the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival! Today's topic is "Funniest Christmas Memory"

I had to think about this one for a little bit...nothing was really standing out to me until I remembered the first Christmas after I graduated high school. See at my grandmothers house, the rule is grandkids get presents until they graduate high school. After that they get to play "dirty Santa" with the "grown-ups" I was so excited to get to be a "grown-up" (Now I wish I could be a kid again HA!) The way they played dirty santa was to number the gifts 1-20 (or however many gifts there were) Then the "grown-ups" draw a number and whatever number they draw, that is the gift you gift...BUT anyone that comes after you can steal your gift if they want it. So of course everyone wants to be one of the last numbers. Well I have no luck at all (good thing I do not gamble because I surely would not win HA!) and surprisingly I draw one of the numbers at the end. Of course since I am youngest "grown- up" all my aunts and uncles start telling me I better take their was cracking me up how they were acting. =) Of course, I did not take any ones way I was way too afraid they would not let me play the next year if I I think I got stuck with a chia pet or something. Ahhh good times 8-)

Well that is my funny sure to check out to read other mil spouse blogs.



Kathryn said...

Haha cute! And what a fun idea!

Crystal said...

We play Dirty Santa with my mom's side of the family.. she has 5 brothers and sisters!!! It is always so fun! We have a rule though.. a gift can only be taken three times. So, whoever snatches it on the third time gets to keep it. I guess that keeps one gift being taken oven and over and over! Some of the gifts are hilarious too! We have a set of John Deer coffee mugs in the cabinet all thanks to Dirty Santa!