Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit With Santa

Ok, so I am a little bit behind in my posting...trying to keep up so I guess better late than never huh?

This past weekend my mom's work had a Christmas party for all the children/grandchildren of the employee's. It was great. They send out a letter from Santa personalized to the children requesting they come to the party.
Santa is at the party. The children get a chance to speak with Santa (unless they scream and hide like Madeline did) After sitting in Santa's lap, the party moves to another room where there were lots of yummy food to eat. THEN the big moment...Santa passes out presents to all the children. Jack and Madeline had so much fun! Below are some pictures of the fun:

Jack visiting with Santa. He gave him a mighty long long in fact that the photographer had to ask us to get Jack off of Santa's lap so other children could have a chance. Um yea, time to explain to Jack about not being greedy huh?

Jack received his present from Santa

Wonder what it is...he just could not open it fast enough

OH YES! A G I Joe! One of Jack's faves

Look at that sweet excited face! =)

Santa just gave Madeline her gift...notice the mouth FULL of food =)

Opening the present...wonder what it is????

OH YAY!!! Thanks Santa for bringing Madeline a baby that cries, eats and poops...note to self **take batteries out**

A Happy little girl

and of course...taking care of the baby with a mouthfull of food again =)

I will be trying to get caught up on my blogging...which may mean some days 2 posts... =)


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