Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Having Fun With Daddy

There is never a dull or quiet moment at our house. (but that is ok, that is how I like it)

Most nights, you will find J playing good guys vs bad guys with the kids. Of course, J is always the bad guy. Tonight J assumed his usual role of bad guy while Jack being the good guy tried to fight him off. Out of no where came Madeline with a cape saying she was "coming to the rescue" This led to Jack needing a cape and wouldn't you know it, J in a cape. J is probably really going to hate that I put these pictures on here, but I just could not resist it. Enjoy the pictures...

Madeline, J, and Jack in the super hero capes =)

Jack pinning down the "bad guy"

Madeline's turn to pin down the "bad guy."



The Allen Family said...

looks similar to our house with adam and bryce... but the good thing is that jack knows WHEN to pin someone down... bryce pinned a little boy to the floor the other day at mom's day out and said, "beat down" (which is what his daddy taught him)... ugh... we've got some work to do :)

so thankful for those daddies though!!! they make everything fun :)

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