Friday, December 4, 2009

Show Us Your: Christmas Tree

Welcome to this week's edition of Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life! This weeks topic is Christmas Trees =) I have 3 trees this year...I love to decorate =) I am almost finished with my decor...still have some finishing touches to put on (like tree toppers) but will share with you what I have done so far.

Tree in the living room. The kids call this "mommy's pretty tree" I love lime green, gold, and red together so I wanted a tree that incorporated those colors together. I got the tree last year while Jason was deployed...yes it was a purchase made when I needed retail therapy =) We were also selected last year to receive gift cards from the Sears Hero's At Home program. One of the cards had to be used in the trim -a- tree department so I was able to get the majority of my ornaments for this tree because of that wonderful program! (I could go on and on about how wonderful that program is and how much we truly appreciated it. If you shop at Sears, please contribute to the Heroes at Home program.It really means a lot to families who are apart during the holiday's)

tree topper

Little tree in the kitchen. It holds all our Santa ornaments =) (as you can see in the picture I am missing the bow at the will be up soon and I will take another picture)

One of my favorite Santa ornaments...we received this as a gift at a Christmas ornament wedding shower we had back in 2000

This Santa makes me giggle! =)

This tree is in our basement. This tree holds so many memories on it...handmade ornaments from the kids, ornaments that Jason and I had when we were children, and ornaments that I had made starting the year Jason and I started dating (1994). I love this tree because it represents each one of us. This is also the tree that Santa leaves his presents at. =)

Jack's first ornament.

Madeline's first ornament.

I got the ornaments above and below for the kids last year...I just could not resist them. =)

Jason and I got this ornament when we went to Disney several years ago.

Be sure to check out Kelly's Korner for lots of BEAUTIFUL trees!



Nancy said...

Everything looks great, Jessica!!
Josh is getting our tree down tonight!

Angela said...

Love the tree toppers!
The memory trees are the best! ;-)
Merry Christmas!

Crystal said...

great trees...thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a look around.

Crystal said...

I agree, they all look great! I especially like the first one! I love lime green!