Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling Crafty

I am feeling a little crafty tonight and thought I would know in case you wanted to know =)

I have been wrapping presents and I thought I would show what I use for name tags.

First up, you will need curling ribbon, scissors, and a hole punch.

Each year I save the fronts of Christmas cards we receive (you know that part with the pictures but no names) So I get out my collection of saved "card fronts"

Next up I wrap the present.

Lastly, I attach the "Christmas card" name tag to the gift with the curling ribbon. After it is attached I curl the ribbon..and whala...finished.

So, what are some other creative tips you use for wrapping presents???



Crystal said...

Great idea!! Easy and inexpensive.. that's my kind of thing!! :)

I have no ideas.. I am so not crafty! Haha!

Jami said...

Oh...I do this! I do it for bday, anniversary and baby showers; I still have cards from my baby showers! Sometimes if the card is large, I may just cut out a portion of the card, maybe an angel, santa, balloons,etc.,etc. Such a good use of something that otherwise would end up in the trash. I cut a tastefully simple logo off a products box that I had in the pantry and used it for the tag on a tastefully simple door prize! It looked tasteful and simple! ( this is what I use my out of date southern living catalogs for...logos galore!)

Nancy said...

Good Idea, Jess!