Sunday, December 13, 2009

DAY 2 ~ Wives of Faith Blog Carnival~ Fave Christmas Recipe

Welcome to Day 2 of the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival. I missed out on yesterday's carnival (Fave Christmas Song) but I am linking up today.
Today's topic is favorite Christmas recipe. Today is actually the first time I have ever made this recipe. My very sweet friend Jami shared it with me this morning at church. It is very yummy and I was so glad she shared it with me.

We started a new Christmas tradition when our little boy was born 5 years ago. We cook a big breakfast, stay in our pj's, and our families come over. We love having everyone over and are so thankful that they live close enough to be able to do that. =) The kids love it too because they get to play with all their new stuff.
Each year I make a breakfast casserole and a grits casserole, then everyone brings additional food (like sausage balls, fruit, doughnuts) This year the dear hubby asked for a traditional breakfast complete with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage. But we are snackers! So I like to have little munchies laying around to snack on. So I will be making this recipe for Christmas day.

Here is what you will need:

8 oz cream cheese
2 pkgs crescent rolls

Brown sausage and drain.

Add Cream cheese

stir until all combined

separate rolls

Spoon a heaping tablespoon of the sausage mixture into each roll

Roll up

Place on baking sheet

Bake on 350 for 17 minutes

and the result...DELICIOUS

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casey said...

I love all the photos! I should remember to do that when I am making something special. I might even make a pictoral cookbook for my kids.

Aprille said...

Wow this recipe looks really good...and really easy!!!!

Nancy said...

Yummy! I made those Friday, except with bacon bits, but I want to try it with sausage this next weekend! I bet they were good!!

The Allen Family said...

those are yummy!!! adam's mom makes that (except she puts a layer of cresent rolls on the bottom and top of the sausage/cream cheese mixture, and makes it into a casserole-type dish. super easy and yummy!!!! (i'm glad you reminded me of that recipe- i think we'll have that for part of our Christmas breakfast as well :)

also, i just want to say again THANK YOU so much for coming to the shower today. i know Sundays are great family days to hang out, and i really appreciate you (and sweet madeline) taking the time to come!! :)

Jolene said...

Sounds like a recipe my husband would like! I'm putting this on my menu for when he's home on leave! Thank you!

steph said...

What a great recipe! Yummy! I wonder what else you could mix with cream cheese to stuff those rolls with!!!

Crystal said...

YUM! I have made a HUGE Italian Sub sandwich similar to that. You do the same thing with a huge loaf of bread. Just cut the top off and hollow out the bread a little. Fill the sandwich, place the top on and bake for about 15 minutes to get the bread all crispy and then cut into smaller sandwiches. I also added mushrooms and onions to my sausage.

We also do a Christmas breakfast with all the grandparents!

Lyndsey said...

YUM! these sound so delish! Thanks for sharing!

Karren said...

That sounds sooo yummy! I'm definitely going to try this soon. Thanks for sharing!! ;)

Aprille said...

i got all the ingredients for these and can't wait to make them!

Bruce said...

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