Sunday, March 28, 2010

Craft time

Since today is Palm Sunday, I wanted to do a little craft with the kids relating to the Palm Sunday story. We talked about what today is and we talked about the events leading up to Easter Sunday. I know that they may only be repeating to me what I taught them, but maybe, just maybe it is sinking in. =)

Below are some pictures of the kids making Palm leaves.

Madeline is so excited to get started.

Jack LOVES craft time!

Jack busy cutting away.

Daddy had to help Madi a little with her cutting.

Almost finished.

Like the nice boo-boo on Madi's nose??? Yea, my adventure seeking daughter thought it would be fun to take the cushions off the couches then jump from couch to couch...well...she missed a landing and this is the mark =) Let's hope it is gone by Easter. ;)

Jack's finished leaves.

Madi's finished leaves.

After we finished the leaves, I let the kids retell the Palm Sunday story to me and act out laying the leaves down...very cute.

So, what are some activities your family does to prepare for Easter Sunday?


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Crystal said...

Great Idea! We're going to be doing some Easter crafts this week!