Sunday, March 7, 2010

If You Ever Need To Smile...

then go to a T-ball practice! =)

Jack is playing t-ball this season for the first time and the team started practicing this weekend. It is the funniest thing to watch! Seriously...there is no way not to smile watching those sweet little boys practice.

Jack is enjoying it so much. He asks all the time when practice is or if we can go outside and practice. I love watching him, especially because he enjoys it so much. Truly makes my heart smile =)

Below are some pictures from our practice this afternoon:

Jack in his cool new mask. The league we play in requires a helmet with full face mask (yes, for t-ball can you believe that???) So, let me tell is not easy to find this mask...I thought oh, just walk in the store and wah-la ... nope... but that is ok. I got it handled and probably bought a ton of other things that were not necessary, but my little all-star will be looking sharp with all the accessories =)

Taking a swing on the tee.

Up to bat. The league we are playing in uses a catapult to pitch the ball. The player will have 3 attempts to hit the ball then the tee will be brought out. I think this is great so the children will be prepared for the older leagues. This is Jack's first time ever to hit a ball pitched to him. He missed the first time...but hit it the other 2 times. It was great! I took lots of video (one is below) so that his daddy will get to see him.

This picture just makes me the boys are practicing "fielding the ball" Jack is in the red t position...looking like he is going to stop the ball (which he did not haha) But I love all the "action" going on around him...playing in the dirt, picking nose, twirling hair, just standing around ... etc
This is what I love and I can not wait to see them during game time HA!

And of course...what would a post be without a picture of lil miss enjoys watching her bubba play and tries to figure out how to get on the field to play. Oh I will be so glad when her daddy gets home so he can chase her HA!

Below is the video of Jack getting a hit. The video is sideways...I can not figure out how to rotate it. Sorry. Just tilt your head sideways =)


Bama Belle said...

How much fun is this? I know your little man is having a great time. The pics are so sweet. :)

Crystal said...

I use to work at the concession stand at Alexandria's community field and I LOVED watching the tball players! They are so cute! I bet you'll have a blast watching them!

Praying for you! :)

The Allen Family said...

good hit jack!!!

just love the picture of the whole team... i can totally see how humorous this season will be :)