Monday, March 29, 2010

First T Ball Game

This past weekend, we had Jack's very 1st tball game. It was So. Much. Fun!!!
we all enjoyed it so much and Jack loves playing tball!

Below are 2 videos from the game. The first video is a pre-game "go team" cheer and the second video is Jack getting his very first hit at a game!
Jack got a hit both times at bat. His first time on base, he made it to 3rd and was tagged out =( The second time, he made it home and scored a run! He loved that!!!
I have tried SEVERAL times to upload pictures from the game (and you know there are A LOT) but blogger is not cooperating at all. Is anyone else having trouble uploading pics to blogger???

Anywho...enjoy the videos (be sure to pause the music player at the bottom to fully enjoy them) I will continue to try to get the pictures to upload.

I also updated the recipe blog with a new recipe. Since this is the week leading up to Easter, I thought I would share some yummy side dishes that would compliment your dinner.


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