Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That Sneaky Little...

So how many of you had a sneaky little leprechaun play tricks in their house on St. Patricks Day???

We had one! He was super sneaky and super fast! We did not ever manage to catch him, but he sure did leave lots of messes and a few clues. =) He messed up my folded laundry, knocked over Madi's toy box, and messed up the kitchen. Below are a few pics:

He managed to get into the refrigerator and find the chocolate pudding. He must have heard us coming because he left the door open and took off! But he left us some footprints! The kids enjoyed following the footprints. ;)

The sneaky little leprechaun knocked over the kitchen chairs and he got into my purse. If he was looking for money, he was surely disappointed. haha

The kids had so much fun going through the clues that the leprechaun left behind for us. The footprints led outside, so off we went (in the rain) looking for the sneaky little leprechaun, but he was too fast for us. Our neighbor was outside so we warned her about the leprechaun (after the kids told her everything he did in our house...she was laughing so hard!)

Well...I am off to mop the kitchen floor...if you do happen to come across that sneaky little leprechaun, please tell him this mommy is not too excited about mopping the floor again ;)



KristinRanae said...

You are so fun!

Crystal said...

Love it! We usually have a little visitor in our classroom. The kids go nuts! We were on spring break this year and forgot about St. Patrick's day.... oops!

K said...

Aw that looks like fun!

The Allen Family said...

Wow!!! i'm totally impressed. i hope my life gets to a point soon where we can create a fun mess for the kiddos!!!! what a great momma!!