Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sometimes in life we come across things that really grab our attention...whether it be good or bad.

Sometimes those things can be people who offer words of encouragement or hope.

Sometimes its someone who can understand and identify with where you are in life.

Sometimes its finding the perfect scripture.

Sometimes its just being still and allowing God to speak.

Sometimes those things, those moments, take hold of our attention and do not seem to let go.

After reading THIS POST by MRS. P I have had one of those serious grab your attention moments. I have not ever met this young woman except what I read in the blogging world and yet I can not stop thinking about (and praying) for her, for her daughter, for their family. I can not imagine her thoughts, feelings, pain right now. All I know is that my worst fear is now her reality.

As a military wife, I have learned some coping skills. I have learned how to "tune out" the news when they start speaking of causalities. It's not because I don't care because believe me I do and I pray daily for the safety of all our troops. But like I said, it's a coping skill. If I did not "tune it out" then my life would be consumed with fear. BUT when I read Mrs. P's post about her husband, a true hero, the bubble I have allowed myself to create has burst. I have a face, a family, to put with the tragic loss of a hero. I can not "tune it out". I ache for her. I know that there are no words that I can speak or write to take her pain away. All I know to do is pray for her, for their daughter, for their family. And so I do...I am...I will. Especially in the days, weeks and months to come. Grief does not have a time limit on it. So I will be praying for her, for the family. Please join me in praying for them. Pray for strength and grace that passes all understanding as they lay this hero to rest. Pray for that perfect peace that can only come from our Saviour. Pray that they will know that...that they will feel HIM even in these most difficult times.



The Allen Family said...

definitely, i will be praying for her and her family (and for you, so that fear won't consume you). oh, what strong women you are and what faith you have to get you through tough times!

Riding the Roller Coaster said...

Thanks for following my blog...following you back. I agree with you 100% that Mrs. P's tragedy has hit way too close to home. As military spouses, we may hear stories like this on the news but never really make a connection, never really think something like this could happen to someone we know. I may only know her through her blog, but my heart breaks for her. My husband is gearing up for a deployment, and I have to admit that Mrs. P's loss scares me to death. Us mil spouses gotta stick together because this is the most supportive community I can imagine being a part of. Nice to meet you!

Crystal said...

Praying for Mrs. P and her family and praying for you as well Jess... "May the peace that passes all understanding, guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.."