Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Springtime

and do you know what that means????

Time for spring decorating! =)

I bet you thought I was going to say spring cleaning didn't you??? No way...that is not fun and certainly not something I want to blog about...although, I will be cleaning those baseboards and closets VERY soon (like when J returns from training...I do not want him to miss out on any of the fun) (=

This week has been a llllooooonnnnnggggg week. (special emphasis on long) I forgot how draining it is to be a single parent. Hence the lack of blogs lately...whew...I am doing good just to keep up with the kids. HA! Things did slow down a little bit today, so I decided to pull out the spring/Easter decor (you know now that it is the middle of March) I did want to be able to enjoy it for a little while.

I tried to get the kids involved...Jack did not want any part of it, but Madeline was very eager to help. So she and I set out to spruce up the house with some springtime fun. =)

Below are some pictures of our decorations:

This is the dining room table before. The plant is from my granddaddy's funeral. I thought it was so pretty.

ahhh...blank slate...what shall we do???

I pulled out my boxes of decor and Madeline, being my wonderful assistant, took everything out.
(Oh and yes, she is in her pj's...yes it is the middle of the day. She and I had been running errands all morning while Jack was in school. On our way home, the first thing she said was "when I get home, I am putting on my jammies" My kind of girl!)

First step, put the spring runner down...yes, I probably should iron it, but who has time for that??? Eventually it will lay flat (I hope)

Second, place the candle sticks and iron wheelbarrow thingy (I am sure there is a better name for it, but this is the best I can come up with) HA!

Next up, place little faux nests on top of the candlesticks. I wanted to do something different than just candles. I saw these on clearance last year and snatched them up.

Arrange little bunny and duck figurines on table.

Place eggs in nest and scatter along the runner.

And here it dining room table all decorated for spring/Easter.

I placed a little wicker type bunny on the mantel.

Full view of the mantel.

Front door. I found this hanger at Dollar Tree (or as Madeline likes to call it "Dollar Treat") ha I thought it was pretty cute for a dollar. I do however want to replace it after Easter. I have a few ideas...I will share those soon.

Remember the plant at the beginning of my post??? The one from my granddaddy's funeral??? Well, the plants were quickly outgrowing the basket so I decided that Madeline and I would repot them. Of course Madeline loved this idea because it meant she got to play in the dirt. ha ha!
Below are the pictures of us repotting the plants:

The planter had 4 different plants in it. First, we took the ivy out and placed it in a pot.

It is now sitting on the dining room table in the iron wheelbarrow thingy. The little butterfly also came off the planter so I wanted to use it and I thought it worked great here.

Next plant repotted and is sitting on the kitchen table.

This one is sitting on top of a bookcase at the end of the kitchen cabinets. Yes, those are all cookbooks. No, they are not all of my cookbooks. ( I have 2 other cabinets full of cookbooks) Yes, they are mostly all Southern Living. Please, don't judge me...I do use all my cookbooks. I love them! =)

The 4th and final plant was really big and too big for any of my indoor planters, so I repotted it in a medium size planter and placed it on the deck. It looks kinda funny out there right now, because its the only plant...but hopefully I will get around to that soon. =)

Well hope you enjoyed our Springtime decorating.



Bama Belle said...

I love those tiny little easter eggs on your table. Too cute. Everything looks so bright and sunny. I love it. :)

Jenifer said...

I love it! Too cute! Now I feel inspired...maybe I'll decorate for June! When I have time! =)

Crystal said...

You are so creative!! Everything looks great!

Nancy said...

You've gotten me in the mood for a blog update & some spring planting. I love all of your pictures and your Easter decor! You always inspire me, my friend!

K said...

Love your new blog layout! & All the Easter decorations are super cute! :)

jason said...

new page looks good!